The Activity Log: When Emails Aren’t Enough

Lemons are no fun unless you can turn them into lemonade. We encountered a lemon recently when something indestructible, the email notification system in Websites For Printers websites, broke. Well, nothing in life is ever fully indestructible, but of everything out there, email notifications from our websites are about as close as you can get. Reliable is a term that could easily be associated with those email notifications. So much so, that many of our clients come to rely very heavily on those notifications – it’s the trigger that lets our website customers know something is happening on their website and it’s time to spring into action. On the rare occasion that there really is a hiccup in that system, the team here at Marketing Ideas For Printers makes sure that those notifications get back to normal as soon as possible.

That lemon occurred on Monday, September 14th. The notifications stopped flowing from the servers, and our team sprang into action to alert our clients to that fact and recommend that they keep a close eye on their workflow page for any activity (new orders, approved proofs, etc.). While that approach works for the rare instances when it’s needed, it left us feeling that there might be a more helpful way to address the issue. So, out of a negative situation, we squeezed that lemon into a new tool for our clients to add to their toolbox when working with website activity. That’s the lemonade; we call it the Activity Log.

The Activity Log page is now available to our clients in the Control Center, and it provides exactly what the name implies – a log of activity that has taken place on the website during the day, or span of days, selected. It defaults to “today,” but can be adjusted to other time spans if desired. If you are concerned about the possibility of having missed anything from that day the notifications were down, your first test of this page could be to set the date range to September 14th and check through the log for anything that may not have been addressed.

The primary goal in creating this page was to provide an all-inclusive way to watch for website activity if email notifications were to ever go down again, but rather than wait to launch the page then, we wanted to get it out now so that you could benefit from it for other potential uses. To check it out, log in to your Control Center and navigate to Workflow > Activity Log.

We take the website’s reliability seriously, so if there are any lemons out there that need to be squeezed, please let us know.