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Kim is one of the graphic designers here at Marketing Ideas For Printers. Her creative eye for design and artistic talents have been instrumental in our direct mail content for the past two decades. A Unique History Kim first learned about what would someday become Marketing Ideas For Printers when she attended some of the Express Press Walk of Fame events

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Mowing your yard or planning a vacation: that’s the kind of project you can accomplish on your own. Sometimes, though, a project is bigger than one person. A recent LinkedIn article, Growing More Than I Realized!, talked about the importance of teamwork in super-size projects. Here’s the key takeaway from that article: When your vision is grand, you have to let go and trust

  One of my favorite times of each week is when coworkers share their weekly Highs and Lows with me. It’s a pretty simple ritual: I send out an email to all of the Marketing Ideas For Printers coworkers on Friday morning sharing one of the high points of the week, and a low point. I then ask the coworkers