Hold On to Your Customers

Have you ever noticed how waiting on hold with dead air can make a 30-second wait feel like forever? Sadly, most callers will hang up if they feel like they’ve been on hold too long, and many of them will never call back.

Eliminate the Hangups

While nobody likes to wait, “Advertising On Hold” combines professionally voiced messaging with pleasant music, which not only decreases hang ups and enhances your business’ image, but it’s a creative way to educate, inform, and entertain callers.

Don’t think of it as placing your customers on hold. Rather, think of it as holding on to your customers! Advertising On Hold is an ideal way to communicate with your prospects and customers because you’re already engaging your target audience. Here are a few fun ways Advertising On Hold keeps your callers interested and eager to hear more: 

  • Provide fun facts or tips about printing
  • Get your audience thinking with trivia or other tidbits
  • Offer comforting, ambient music that doesn’t distract or irritate listeners

New Content Every Month

Our unique Advertising On Hold messaging is specially customized for print shops like yours and is new every month. In addition to providing a variety of thought-provoking general knowledge tidbits, we also blend a tasteful assortment of printing sales messages and industry tips. You can also choose between talented female or male voices that can really “talk the talk.” 

Click below to hear some audio samples and get started today!