Hit the Ground Running in the New Year with New Marketing Content

A new year is on its way, and your marketing needs to be ready for it!

Check out what’s coming in the January 2022 direct mail marketing content from Marketing Ideas For Printers, available for download now. (P.S. Don’t miss it! We’ve added something new to help you drive more traffic to your website and sell more printing.)

Business Forum

Looking to spruce up your business-to-business connections in the new year?

The Business Forum newsletter gives you the perfect opportunity with compelling and informative content. In the January issue, available for download now, you’ll find:

  • Tips to digitally improve your business
  • How to improve efficiency with time-blocking, and
  • A focus on large-format printing!

Printer’s Press

The Printer’s Press newsletter is #1 for a reason!

This month you’ll find an outline of ways you can help your print buyers with their direct mail marketing, fun new hobby ideas to try, last-minute travel tips, and ideas to help your prospects and customers make connections.

NEW!!! Printer’s Press now offers 12 website ads to choose from to drive readers from your newsletter to your website. These ads are included in the InDesign layers panel within the artwork, so you can quickly turn on or off whichever website ad you’d like to feature that month. Click here to see how it works!


Coffee Break

If you’re looking for a more light-hearted approach to your marketing strategy, take a look at the Coffee Break newsletter.

This 8.5” x 14” newsletter features jokes and quips on one side and a fact-a-day calendar on the other. Here is some sample content from the January issue, available now.

Your Pet’s New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Grow opposable thumbs; break into pantry; decide for MYSELF how much food is enough.
  2. Use new living room sofa as scratching post or chew toy.
  3. January 1st: Kill the sock! Must kill the sock!
  4. January 2nd – December 31st: Re-live victory over the sock.
  5. I will NOT chase the stick until I see it leave the human’s hand.

Local Edge

Buying local is a huge advantage, and in this month’s edition of the Local Edge postcard, it’s being highlighted with text like:

Tired of blah, stale marketing that gets overlooked or (gasp!) thrown away? Awaken your audience with unique, distinguished print marketing ideas that awaken the imagination! Your local print experts can help you gain the creative advantage with something new.

More local print sales could be one monthly postcard away.


The January issue of the FastStart foldover mailer and postcard is focused on the impact of cards — all sorts of cards!

Expressing appreciation for your customers is a great way to show people you’ll be a dependable friend and resource in the future. From personalized birthday and thank you notes to thoughtful appointment cards or service reminders, cards make a memorable, emotional impact.

When you’re looking to show the world what you print, FastStart is the perfect way to show off our printing capabilities each and every month.

National Direct Mail

The National Direct Mail monthly direct mail subscription provides you with the perfect marketing campaign, including mailer, postcard, envelope, and social media and email marketing.

In the January issue, available for download now, your print buyers will be reminded that connections start in their mailbox. Mailings are an effective marketing tool because:

  • Mailings are Personal
  • Mailings are Tangible
  • Mailings are more Authentic
  • Mailings give Better Brand Recognition
  • Mailings prompt More Action

Did you know that 58 percent of people say that mail made them think about buying from a brand and reminded them about a brand or company? Make them remember you!


The website subscribers of MI4P receive a new print tip in their Ideas Collection this month entitled, “How to Rebrand Your Business in 7 Steps.”

If you’re looking for regularly updated website content on your behalf, get the Ideas Collection today through a website subscription from MI4P or through the WordPress plugin.

Remember, if you want to sell more printing, you need two things: online ordering capabilities and content. When you’re ready, you can get both right here.