Now is the Time to Return to Direct Mail Normalcy

No matter how they suffered or excelled through this past year, your print buyers need to be reminded that their own customers are ready for normalcy.

Let them know that you’re here with the direct mail content packages that have been ready for you every month without interruption.

National Direct Mail

With National Direct Mail, you have the perfect solution to target any market in the nation. This mailer has no zip code restrictions and is delivered to you each month, ready to print.

The May issue, available for download now, is focused on helping your customers with mailing services, showing how easy it is to leave any mailing project in your capable hands.

Show your print buyers how mailing services with you will save them time and money!

Printer’s Press

Printer’s Press is the perfect-sized newsletter to brighten a customer’s day while at the same time keeping their print projects and your ability to fulfill them at the forefront.

The May issue, available for download now, highlights examples of above and beyond customer service, great ideas for postcards, and a unique print project that really thinks outside the box by a major retailer. Inspiration is everywhere, and this direct mail package is a gem!

Business Forum

Branding is a major focus for every business, and sometimes your business print buyers need a reminder that print gives control of their messaging in a way that other mediums lack.

May’s Business Forum (available for download now) focuses on branding, as well as some tips for developing both a formal and an informal business card for varying networking opportunities.

Other articles include apps to help kids whose math skills may have suffered over this last year, tips for becoming a better work teammate, and how businesses can become an essential part of their community.

Coffee Break

The 8.5″ x 14″ Coffee Break newsletter is super good at adding a little humor into your customer’s day through jokes, quips, and a fact-a-day calendar.

Things I’m Super Good At:

    1. Forgetting someone’s name 30 seconds after they tell me.
    2. Running. Late, that is.
    3. Making plans … then regretting making plans.
    4. Thinking of a great comeback—an hour later.

Adding a light pick-me-up with your company name on it reminds customers that you are a fun business to work with and that print marketing can be just what they need for a light-hearted, creative project.

Did you know that Billy Joel became the first rock artist to play at Yankee Stadium on June 22, 1990?


Custom envelopes should be an add-on for every print project.

May’s FastStart shows your customers and prospects that they should prioritize envelopes and take the opportunity to make an impression before their customers even open their mailing.

The FastStart direct mail package includes both a postcard and a mailer, allowing you the flexibility of choosing which piece is perfect for your audience or to use both, one following up the other in your ideal time interval.

Local Edge

Encourage customers to freshen up their marketing pieces with a fresh new look for spring.

Redesigns are an excellent motivator for print buyers looking to boost a tired product or to re-launch a campaign with a new, timely offer that customers can take advantage of now.

Local Edge reminds customers that you are a local provider ready to service any project they have. This postcard is perfect for a quick campaign to customers or part of any larger mailing to attract new business or encourage repeat business with your local customer base.

Ideas Collection: 4 Principles That Can Make or Break Your Grid Designs

When organizing content in any design, grid choice is the solution.

This month the solution to grid design is made simple through the latest Ideas Collection tip. Pages will almost design themselves when you let the type of content dictate the design and follow this simple set of principles.

May’s Ideas Collection, available on every Base Website from Marketing Ideas For Printers or through the MI4P WordPress plugin, is timely content with great design advice for those customers that design their own projects. You can trust that the help your audience needs is there and that the searchable content is perfect to drive traffic.

What are you waiting for?

Those who wait for the opportunity to arise will miss the best moment to strike.

Businesses who make their own opportunities excel past their competition. There’s no time to sit back and watch the market move without you. Grab your customer’s attention now and every month. It is easy to get started—download samples below today.