UnBeatable Direct Mail Content Coming Your Way

We might not be talking about basketball here, but we are serious about taking the crazy out of implementing your marketing plan!

Content is about story, and telling the right tale of inspiration at the right time is just what these direct mail and content packages do. Inspire your print buyers to come to you for their printing project needs and show them exactly what you’re made of (but without all the work)!

National Direct Mail

Companies who share useful tips and advice with their customers benefit from higher customer brand loyalty, and an easy way to reach customers is with a printed newsletter.

The March issue of National Direct Mail is ready for download now. It reminds your customers of the benefits of sharing their knowledge through print newsletters.

Start touting your “nation-wide” customer base today with no zip code restrictions on direct mailings and complete social media and email marketing content included.

Click here to see what Doug Smith of Paper Graphics thinks of the National Direct Mail package. 

Printer’s Press

The inevitable tax season is approaching soon, and the March issue of Printer’s Press features a little advice for getting a better return – with print!

Signs and banners are the main themes of this new issue. You’ll also find a little bit of trivia, some marketing campaign history with the story of Kiwi shoe polish, and how to combat allergy season. Take a trip to Copper Harbor, Michigan, and learn to make a Sushi bowl in this perfect sized newsletter-style mailer.

Business Forum

“If you are willing to put it on paper, you are showing that your message is not only worthy of the reader, it’s also trustworthy and reliable. That is the power of the printed word.”

That’s exactly the kind of message you’ll find in the lasted issue of Business Forum. This eight-page newsletter helps your audience consider the power that print has and enforces the message that print’s credibility is the most useful tool in their marketing arsenal.

Some of the great content topics in this issue include moving up in the workplace, overcoming the fear of public speaking, working as a team, the power of talking instead of texting, and much more. Consider adding the Business Forum newsletter to your marketing arsenal today!

Coffee Break

Everyone loves a little fun, and that’s exactly what Coffee Break offers.

This 8.5″ x 14″ tri-fold newsletter features fun jokes and quips, a fact-a-day calendar, as well as cartoons that will bring a smile to your face. Spread a little humor and joy with the latest issue of Coffee Break, featuring gems such as:

Barney: I have a three-season bed.
Wilma: What is a three-season bed?
Barney: It’s a bed without a spring, Wilma.

Haiku Humor

Haikus are easy.
But sometimes they don’t make sense.

It’s Monday morning;
The coffee maker is dead:
Double depresso


Get customers excited to reach entire neighborhoods with Every Door Direct Mail!

The March issue of FastStart (available now) will show your audience that no matter what their mailer looks like, your assistance with EDDM can get it to everyone with minimal effort.

Introduce your print buyers to this easy and affordable way to get their message to the right people at the right time.

Local Edge

Keeping business local is not only great for the economy but when it comes to print service, customers get unmatched personalized service.

The latest issue of the Local Edge postcard will remind audiences of the importance of personal service and local relationships. This is also a great way to remind customers about printing NCR forms, order forms, and any other tickets that require duplicates.

Click here to read the complete case study from Snap Print’s experience with Local Edge.

Ideas Collection

We all live in color.

Color influences our day, our choices, and it’s an inevitable part of our marketing choices. This month’s Ideas Collection tip, included on all Base Websites or available via WordPress plugin, is filled with ready-to-use color advice on choosing the most appealing or effective color combinations.

From choosing to use a monochromatic color scheme to figuring out complimentary colors, this month’s “Four Gorgeous Color Schemes for Your Next Design” is something that customers can use right now as they contemplate their next design project.

Success Made Simple

Nothing comes without effort, but success also doesn’t have to be hard.

The benefit of these content marketing packages is how easy they are to implement. Save your design and writing efforts for your customers who really need your guidance, and give them your best work. You can rest assured that your best interests with your own marketing are served in the packages mentioned above (but without any of the heavy lifting). Download samples below to get started!