The Power of Belief

Belief is powerful. What you believe in can guide you, give you purpose, and fill you with hope and optimism no matter what may come your way.

2020 has been a year that has required much belief. So much belief that the events of 2020 may make phrases like “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” feel like they lack the meaning and depth they usually carry.

But, hold on.

Allow me to share one of the greatest stories in history with you – a story where clinging to the belief of a brighter future yet to come marked a moment so significant that we recalibrated our calendar to that moment. 

You may choose to receive this story of a snapshot in time as nothing more than history. Or, if you’re like me and you look at history through a spiritual lens, perhaps you’ll see a deeper meaning as Christmas Day 2020 arrives. 

Finding Belief Amidst Silence

If you were a citizen of the ancient nation of Israel 2,400 years ago, you would be used to hearing words of instruction and caution from those that God chose to speak His words through. In fact, you would have been accustomed to the mighty moves of your nation’s God shown both in blessings and punishment, yet always in Love. 

And then, suddenly, you would have noticed a change – a BIG change.

Silence. All the signs, words, and wonders that you had once become familiar with would have gone suddenly silent as the God of the nation of Israel made a statement. Not an ordinary statement, however. A statement made with silence… lasting for four hundred years!

Can you imagine the uncertainty of such a time? Of such silence? And to top it all off, as a citizen of Israel, you’d be asked to believe that this pause of silence wasn’t the end but rather a time to reflect and anticipate a new beginning. 

What an incredible belief!

This clung-to belief passed on from generation to generation for 400 years. And then, finally, in a most unusual moment, a bright and brilliant star appeared in the sky to announce an end to the silence of the God of the nation of Israel. 

The Time is Now

Belief carries us forward to each next moment. As we end 2020, it’s time to reflect on a year like no other and to eagerly anticipate a new and shining star!

From myself and the entire team here at Marketing Ideas For Printers, Merry Christmas! 


Dave Hultin

Written by

Dave Hultin

President, Marketing Ideas For Printers

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