Simplify Your Autumn with Easy Direct Mail Marketing

Fall is underway, and pumpkin flavors are everywhere.

This is an energetic season, but often the rush of fall tasks can be overwhelming. Never fear, new content is here! Check out the November issue’s mix of imaginative, original material, and put fresh marketing in play as you diligently build your base.

National Direct Mail

“Send a Message that Sells.”

That’s the theme of November’s National Direct Mail content. And what better way to get your own message out there than to reach print customers across a national audience?

When you want to reach far, go national! The National Direct Mail package is ready to travel anywhere in the country, with no zip code restrictions. Download your package today with every file necessary for a successful direct mail campaign.

Printer’s Press

Want to sum up November in a word?

It’s gratitude. And thankfulness is more than a word; it’s a selling tool. This month’s Printer’s Press reminds customers to show thanks on paper with beautifully created thank you notes and custom appreciation cards.

Using a short-form newsletter style, Printer’s Press is perfect for your point-of-purchase areas, waiting room, or for including with any order. Appeal to all audiences with business content that is refreshing, contemporary, and fun.

Business Forum

As always, the Business Forum is packed with great business content and helpful tips for your customers. The November edition is filled with trending topics, like the ins and outs of offering remote internships.

This package is just what print buyers need to break from the grind while adding value to their day. Prompt your prospects to grow professionally while discovering new options for print! Download the November edition today.

Coffee Break

Everyone loves a coffee break, so why not add some flavor with this fun-filled humor newsletter? Your customers deserve a fun interruption now and then, so serve up the cartoons and humor to build warm relationships with your clients. Want your first sip of silliness?

Here’s a sneak peek of Coffee Break:

A truck loaded with Vicks VapoRub overturned on the highway . . .Amazingly, there was no congestion for eight hours.

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Me: Same


Do you want to see your name everywhere? Labels make it happen!

This month’s FastStart encourages customers to consider all the ways to put their name out there, and labels make a big impression. From promotional stickers to stunning package accents, the November FastStart will inspire your clients to add flair and finesse with head-turning labels.

Local Edge

There can never be enough emphasis on how important it is to shop local and keep the most important things, like branding, close to home.

This month’s Local Edge is the perfect mailer to remind customers that they have a great asset right in their back yard – you!

Perfectly designed and ready for printing and distribution, Local Edge makes it easy to market locally and keep your customers close.

Ideas Collection

How many times do you hear customers complain that a campaign or project didn’t work? Often it is because businesses center their marketing on products instead of people.

A better marketing mix can be succinctly defined by four P’s:

  • Product,
  • Place,
  • Price, and
  • Promotion.

In this month’s Ideas Collection marketing tip, the four P’s offer a helpful guide for assembling an effective promotional pie. Take it a slice at a time, and your sales will start humming!

Want more access to great ideas like this one? The Ideas Collection is available within our Base Website service, or you can place the collection on your own WordPress website through the MI4P WordPress Plugin.

Bringing it Together

No matter what your content needs are, you’ll find something here to make your life easier. Ready for some great resources to build your business? Check out free samples here and get started today!