3 Fantabulous Social Media Content Ideas + Bonus Ideas

Most business owners understand the necessity of social media.

Social media offers you an easy way to connect to your audience on a more personal level, whether your buyers are across town or across the globe. Though it can be work, several benefits make it worthwhile, including:

  • Social media helps your business establish a reputation.
  • Social media creates an ongoing conversation with your audience.
  • Social media allows you to learn more about your print buyers.

So, why can creating and maintaining social media accounts be so draining? There are really two main reasons: time and not knowing what to post.

How to Save Time with Social Media

To help with the time aspect of social media, consider a monthly social media subscription service.

This easy, effective, and relevant tool allows social media to become a no-thought process for your business, and all it requires is about a minute a day and a couple of clicks from your mouse.

This type of time-saving solution is great when you’re short on time, just getting your feet wet in the world of social media, or you want a constant steady stream of things to post when you’re out of ideas.

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Social Media Content Ideas

If content is more the issue and you’re looking for unique ideas to mix things up a little, check out this list of ideas.

1. Let People Get to Know You

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. Knowing is the first step.

Build your content around sharing who you are, how your business got started, fun did-you-know type facts, and more. Consider things such as:

2. Use Social Media to Offer Inspiration and Encouragement

Spend just a few minutes on social media, and it’s easy to become discouraged or overwhelmed by the negativity in the world.

Combat that by offering inspiration, good news, and motivation to keep moving. You can do this by posting:

3. Use Social Media as a Sales Tool

While building connections and relationships are good reasons to invest in social media, you’ll obviously want to see some increased sales or leads from your time invested. Here are some ideas to help you with that:

Bonus Ideas

Of course, there are limitless ideas for content you can post to your social media channels, and it would be impossible to list them all.

If you need some additional inspiration beyond the three ideas mentioned above, here are a few more bonus ideas to get you thinking:

  • How-to’s or tutorials (Best direct mail practices, how to increase envelope opens/responses, etc.)
  • Surveys and Polls (For more tips on this, check out the Sell More Printing webinar episode, “3 Quick Tips for Maximum Social Media Engagement.”
  • Focus on action (Have them sign up for your email list, like your page, follow you, etc. Be sure to list the benefits they receive in doing so.)
  • Tips and Tricks (Tip of the week posts)
  • Share your blogs (all of them, multiple times)
  • Answer FAQ’s and point them to where they can learn more (like the Ideas Collection)
  • Throw in a little random (favorite YouTube video, host an interview with one of your clients, share a personal win/loss, do a live video of opening your shop, let your employee take over for the day, etc.)
  • Facts and statistics about the printing industry (direct mail stats, etc.)

“Social media replaces nothing – but complements everything.”

–Neal Schaffer, CEO and author