Go Beyond the Status Quo

How often have you reached the absolute limit of your abilities, only to have a coach or a physical trainer push you one mile (or twenty push-ups, or forty pounds) further? How did you feel when you surpassed every expectation?

Get Them Motivated

The FastStart mailer package motivates your clients to stretch beyond the status quo. Each month we feature universal, high-selling products, inspiring customers to try something new. Check out our February 2017 example:

“You have labored tirelessly to develop your idea, your skills, and your business. How can you share your vision in a concise, powerful way? Sell sheets are key!”

Spring is a critical time for people to revise and expand their marketing goals. Harness that energy with the February FastStart, which coaches people on the magnetism of stories, the power of proactively answering questions, and the convenience of a succinct, commanding sell sheet. Sophisticated sales sheets heighten curiosity and compel customers to respond, as an “inexpensive investment you can’t afford to ignore!”

Freshen Up the Possibilities

Perhaps your own sales have grown stale because your customers aren’t aware of the print possibilities you offer! Use the FastStart mailer subscription to bolster creativity and an adventurous spirit among prospects and clients alike. Your customers (and your bank account) will thank you.

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