Strike Up A Conversation With Social Media Marketing

Strike Up A Conversation With Social Marketing, Social Marketing, Marketing Ideas For Printers

Remember going to social functions with your parents as a kid and being told to “go mingle”? In complete, angelic obedience you’d work up the nerve to infiltrate a group of kids that looked way smarter and, of course, way cooler than you. But then, just when you were ready to open your mouth and say something brilliant, you realized you had no idea what to say!

Fast forward to today. You’re again being told to go mingle, but this time with social media marketing. You get it. You see the benefits. You see the cool kids doing it. You want to be involved. You just have no idea what to say!

Speak Volumes

That’s where we can help. With our social media marketing content, each week we’ll provide you with twelve unique pieces of social media content that you can use to stay front-of-mind with your customers and start up those online conversations.

We cover content from a variety of sources and topics because, let’s face it, nobody wants to talk about printing all the time (gasp!). With the springboard of our recurring content, it frees you up to put in as much or as little time into your social media marketing as you choose. Customize what we provide or supplement with your own posts. Either way, you’ll have a place among the cool kids and be able to contribute to the conversation.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Take a look at some of the social media content printer’s used this past week over four different marketing channels.

 Twitter: Five tweets, including this one: Making intricate chocolate shapes is 3D printing’s best invention

 Facebook: Three Facebook posts. Here’s one of them: Going Paperless May Not Be Greener – Two Sides Releases New Infographic (This post was sent in by one of our customers.)

  LinkedIn: Two LinkedIn posts, including: 10 Powerful Habits for Building a Personal Brand (and Marketing Yourself)

  Blog: Two blog posts, including this one: Leadership Sometimes Means Showing You’re Human

The majority of content is found by us, but we also love it when our printers send us content to use and ideas to cover! For example, a customer requested content on avoiding some common print marketing mistakes. Because of that request, Avoid These Common Print Marketing Mistakes for Visually Compelling Content is coming soon!

Backed By Our Customers

Content that’s fun, educational, and sticky is our goal. Here’s what one of our customers has to say about the social media marketing content we provide:

I like that each article is very interesting and covers a broad spectrum of topics, not just printing. I like the history articles because I believe our future comes from our history.
~ Joseph Casagrande from Banyan Printing

If you need help getting your online social media conversation started, sign up for a 30-day free trial of the social media marketing content from Marketing Ideas For Printers.