A Productivity Push

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The Industrial Revolution (beginning around 1760) was one of the most spectacularly fruitful periods in history. Almost every aspect of life was transformed as people harnessed electricity, expanded transportation, and streamlined industrial processes with new machines. Output multiplied exponentially: while previously one daily laborer could clean a pound of seeds from cotton, the mechanized cotton gin could remove fifty pounds per day!

Productivity. In our personal and professional realm, it is something we all long to master. But increased productivity takes imaginative, personal, upfront investment, and that can be an overwhelming obstacle. Give prospects the creative boost they need with the FastStart mailer, our product-of-the-month marketing piece that showcases universal, high-frequency items aimed at energizing client interest and activating your sales.

Sweeten the Season with Fresh, Creative Menus

Our June FastStart mailer showcases menus and lists of services, persuading your customers to overhaul the ordinary in three key areas:

  1. Atmosphere. Guests deserve more than good food or service, they’ve come for an EXPERIENCE. Fabulous list of services displays and food menus craft a brand expression that excites atmosphere and heightens curiosity.
  2. Creativity. Attention-grabbing, alluring menus and lists of services take consistent research, updating, and imagination. Updated menus can bolster revenues as your clients enhance names and descriptions, feature scrumptious selections, and highlight seasonal specials. No matter the décor or budget, YOUR design team can craft a brand expression that tantalizes taste buds, sparks new growth, and has your customers continuing to come to you for your expertise.
  3. Great Design. Dynamic menus flow from suggestive design. The FastStart mailer and postcard positions YOU as the design specialist, shaping strategic layouts through bold typography, dramatic colors, and appetizing images that will enlarge appetites, awaken the senses, and enhance sales.

Our June FastStart mailer has them looking to you as their catalyst to creativity to invigorate image and to drum up business. That’s a productivity win for everyone! To get started, give us a call at (800) 736-0688 or (701) 241-9204 or click below to download samples.