Add Drama and Depth with Custom White Balance

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Have you ever struggled to take a classy (yet natural) picture? Or photographed an incredible wilderness scene, only to be sorely disappointed by flat results? If the world has so much wonder, why is capturing that majesty so difficult?

Many photos are simply too dark or too light, with awkward shadows, blinding background rays, or glaring reflections. The color can seem artificial or just washed out. But photos with proper lighting come alive, creating a drama and depth that resonates with viewers on a heart-stirring level.


The latest Tech Tip added to the Ideas Collection of every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers helps your customers learn to edit photos so the perfect hues of light and color come forth. Here’s what they will learn:

Adobe Lightroom is an inexpensive post-processing program used by designers worldwide. In the past, developing exquisite images required excellent photos, nuanced darkroom abilities, and expensive equipment. In contrast, Lightroom allows even beginners to normalize light tones they weren’t able to land in-camera. This new Tech Tip will provide your website visitors with several steps to get them started:

  1. Be aware of the white-balance setting in your camera, which can save hours of editing later. Light settings can range from candles to full sun, fluorescent light, etc. Using the right digital setting helps you capture colors as accurately as possible.
  2. In Adobe Lightroom, adjust white balance with the eyedropper tool or use the preset menu that best describes the lighting conditions you shot in.
  3. Use temperature and color tint sliders to manually adjust how warm or cool your image is.
  4. Simply use the reset button to remove all adjustments.

Today’s technology allows us to manipulate photos so the light seems “not too hot, not too cold, but JUST RIGHT!” Help your customers stretch their skills and have FUN in the new digital darkroom!


Here’s how Master the Light is presented on one of our public demo websites. Keep your customers coming to you as a source of design expertise! Try our “Ideas” content yourself by requesting your own personal demo site below.

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