The Mike Stevens Encouragement Hotline

Readers of this blog most likely know Mike Stevens, the founder of Marketing Ideas For Printers. What you may not know is that Mike was recently diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Leukemia called Acute Myloid Leukemia.

I’ve had the privilege and honor of working closely with Mike and learning from him throughout my whole career. If you know Mike … or even simply observe him from a distance … you know he cares deeply about people.

Mike is an encourager. Now, as he battles Leukemia, it’s time for the encouragement to go the other way. It’s time for us to rally around Mike and provide encouragement to him.

Here’s how you can provide Mike with some instant encouragement: Call the Encouragement Hotline at 1-877-344-1965 *. You’ll be prompted to leave a message. As soon as you’re done leaving your message of encouragement, it will be instantly emailed to Mike for him to listen to as he’s able.

Please take a moment, and leave a message of encouragement for Mike today by calling theEncouragement Hotline at 1-877-344-1965 *.


Dave Hultin,
Marketing Ideas For Printers

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. — Proverbs 16:24 (NASB)

* Update! Mike is doing much better and he and his doctors have been using the word “miraculous” to describe his improvement. You can read his full message on Facebook. On behalf of Mike and his family, we want to thank you for all the encouraging words that you have sent him over the past several months.