Important Notice About Today’s [email protected] 2.0


We sent out the first edition of the new [email protected] 2.0 today. Overall, it went well, but with one big error: we have become aware of several issues of the newsletter delivered with broken links. Links that should be going to pages on your own website appear to have been randomly associated with other sites in our database!

Here’s what we know so far:

  • [email protected] 1.0 is unaffected.
  • All [email protected] 2.0 issues set to basic delivery are affected. ([email protected] 2.0 custom issues are not affected.)
  • The broken links are the “Send this article to a friend” links and the “Click here to visit the Ideas Collection” link.
  • Navigation links, [email protected] links and the subscribe / unsubscribe links function as expected.

We are still in the process of working out a plan for mitigating this issue. Since this involves email, the links in the emails that have already been sent cannot be updated. We are in the process of working to develop the best redirect strategy that we can, so that when users click the link going to the wrong site, we redirect them to the correct site (ideally), or anywhere else but another printer’s website.

Please accept our most profound apologies. We were shocked and dismayed to discover this error; we ran a lot of testing leading up to this delivery to make sure everything was in order. And by all accounts, they were.

Unfortunately, one thing we were unable to test was the impact of delivering several hundred thousand of these emails. We could tell you all the geeky reasons that led up to the faulty links, but the bottom line is … it happened, and when we found out about the incorrect links our hearts sank.

Not all customers were affected, and those that are affected have been notified by an alert in their website’s Control Center. Once again, please accept our deepest apologies.