Giving Thanks for the Print Industry: What Printers are Saying

Blessings. Joy. Thankfulness. Gratitude. These are the words of the season.

They are also the words from many print owners who have dedicated their careers, their lives to this industry. As you take time to count your blessings this week, don’t forget the incredible joy that can be found through print.

Giving Thanks for the Print Industry

We asked several printers what they’re most thankful for about being a part of the print industry. Here’s what they had to say.

Tri M Graphics

“I am thankful to be in the Print Industry because we can make a difference. We have the opportunity to partner with our clients to help them achieve results. Communication is such a vital part of what we do; through our printed material, we can help to build and/or strengthen relationships. Printing can be so much more than a transaction if you open your mind up to the possibilities.”

Michael Jensen
Tri M Graphics, Owatonna, Minnesota

“I am thankful for the Printing Industry because we make the world more colorful! Imagine how boring everything would look with no printing!”

– Derek Brooks
Brandywine Printing, Cumming, Georgia

“Although it can be a stressful, deadline-oriented business, I can’t think of another industry that enables you to work with so many types of customers and vendors. From 1-2 person small business shops to large non-profits and corporations, we do business with the owners, HR departments, marketing departments, and more. We learn so much about so many different organizations. This makes every day unique, interesting, and educational. I am very grateful to be part of the printing industry which is never dull and keeps us growing every day.”
– Jaci Maher

“Having played a part in various roles within the Printing Industry over the past 30 years, I’ve realized that printing is about much more than simply putting ink on paper. It’s about the emotional and physical impact you can impart on people both immediately and over time. So much of history is only represented and remembered due to the impact of print and would otherwise be forgotten. Communication is rooted in print through both Art and Science.”

Steven England
Cereus Graphics, Phoenix, Arizona

“I’m thankful to be a part of the printing industry because I enjoy handling and overcoming the challenges that seem to change every day. The technology of the industry moves at a rapid pace, and there is always something new to learn and problems to conquer. Staying up to speed with the latest technology allows us to serve our customers in current and exciting ways.”

– Dennis Trump
Trump Direct, Decatur, Illinois


“The printing business has allowed me the opportunity to work with my wife and sons each day. We are thankful for loyal customers, employees, and vendors. I’m thankful for a career that serves a need and is fulfilling.”

– Barry Martin
Copyquick, Hagerstown, Maryland

“I’ve always appreciated taking a customer idea and transforming into print. There is a lot to say about this creative process in printing.”

– Felipe Martinez
SaveMor Digital Printing, Brooklyn, New York

“Of all Benjamin Franklin’s accomplishments, this extraordinary Founding Father said he considered himself a printer above all. I am also proud to be a printer, although I fall considerably short of Franklin’s greatness! Yet, I feel a bond with Ben.   

The printed word is immortal, as they continue to make powerful impressions long after meeting ink to paper. My father started GAM, and l will be forever grateful to him for opening Franklin’s world to me early in my youth. And of all the benefits to being a printer, I count the long-lasting relationships with staff and customers as my most incredible privilege, and I always get powerful satisfaction from how happy clients are with the finished product.”

Nathaniel Grant
GAM Graphics and Marketing, Sterling, Virginia 

“Working in the print industry is some of the most rewarding work I have done. Compared to other endeavors I have been involved in, I like that this business involves a lot of repeat business. We get to work with our clients on many different projects over time.”
– Homer Schmucker
Accuprint, Las Vegas, Nevada

“I am proud and thankful for being part of an industry that not only has provided a bountiful life for me, my brother Art, and our families, but more importantly, it’s enriched our lives through meeting the many wonderful people throughout our business community over the years. The success of our shop has allowed us to volunteer and support various endeavors in our local community and to help create a real “family” atmosphere in our city. All our blessings come from an industry that supports local communities all across America by providing printed solutions to all the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis. Print is communication; print is the lifeblood that keeps the business world running.”

– Maco Amoyo
Bullet Graphics Center, Plano, Texas

“We are thankful for having a career that allows us to literally start with a blank sheet and see a final printed product when it’s finished. We are also thankful to be able to see the customers’ reactions when they see their final product and know how much they appreciate our work. We are thankful for having great vendors and distributors who are supporting us on a daily basis. Last but not least, we are thankful we found the iJetColor 1175 Pro, which has allowed us to print over 2 million envelopes in just over a year.”

“The beauty of working in the printing industry is that you make something tangible for your clients. To take a file of someone’s graphics or promotions from the computer screen and to print that and make it look stunning is fun work! That first smile the customer has when they see that printed proof or the final work is always very satisfying to see.”

Payam Ayazi
SuperCopy, Los Angeles, California