Introducing National Direct Mail!

Year after year, direct mail marketing continues to beat back the obnoxious “print is dead” claims with more and more businesses coming to grips with the idea that junk mail is found in inboxes, not in mailboxes.

That’s because direct mail pulls a higher response rate than any other digital direct marketing medium, boasting results of five to nine times greater than email, paid search, or social media.

Printers have seen this increasing trend as well, and many have made the smart choice to invest in a consistent, monthly direct mail marketing campaign. These printers faithfully target area zip codes and have been working hard establishing trust, building relationships, and, ultimately, increasing their sales. It’s an investment in which they’ll never be sorry.

But there’s just one problem.

The World Got A Whole Lot Smaller

Before the internet, a printer’s target demographic consisted of the city and the surrounding areas of where their business was located. But, that’s not the case anymore.

With online ordering capabilities, you’re no longer limited to selling to a particular geographical area. Today, you can reach customers across town as well as across the country.

And… so can your competition.

That means it’s your job to find a way to connect to those potential print buyers in a way other print companies aren’t bothering to do.

  • It means getting your name and your brand out there.
  • It means getting your company’s name off of the impersonal screen and getting it into the hands of your audience.
  • It means making yourself tangible and relatable.

If the thought of this overwhelms you, remember, you’ve got help. For over 30 years, printers just like you have made it easy on themselves with the ready-to-print, zip-code protected direct mail marketing content available to you here.

And now, you can spread your direct mail wings and reach print buyers across the nation with the all-new, unrestricted, multi-channel National Direct Mail package.

Introducing National Direct Mail

To introduce yourself to potential print buyers across the country, National Direct Mail is built with the following ideas in mind:

  • It combines design and content elements from your favorite Marketing Ideas For Printers’ direct mail packages with one notable difference: no zip code restrictions!
  • It features the benefits of printing, practical tips, fun facts, and the option to choose between a mailer or self-mailer, coupons or an ad/cartoon.
  • It’s multi-channel. In addition to providing direct mail content, the National Direct Mail package amps up your ROI with matching social media content, as well as email marketing text and images.
  • It’s a no-brainer. You’ll see just how simple a regular direct mail marketing campaign can be with ready-to-print, multi-channel content, as well as a sample campaign schedule to effortlessly take you from start to finish.

Here’s How it Works

Every month like clockwork, you’ll receive the National Direct Mail package content for the issue two months out.

In other words, in November, you’ll receive the January issue. This gives you enough lead time to customize the content to fit your unique business, print it, and implement and schedule the email and social media pieces.

While you may be tempted to think that this could be your direct mail silver bullet, the truth is that your direct mail marketing results will correspond to the amount of effort you put in.

But you can make it easier!

National Direct Mail Best Practices

Here are some things you can do to streamline your success with reaching print buyers nationally:

Go all in

Ditch the excuse-ridden thinking that says, “If we have time, we’ll work on sending out our direct mail campaign.” Instead, focus on making it a monthly habit and something you do automatically.

Embrace your inner planner

For an effective campaign each month, plan ahead and pre-schedule time in your production area to personalize, print, and mail your own marketing materials. Cozy up to your calendar and lay out how and when things will land for your campaign.

>> To help you get the full idea of how this would work, click here to download the sample campaign calendar included with the package.

Remember the objective: Build a relationship

Warning! This one is important.

The National Direct Mail Package is meant to be your foot in the door with potential print buyers who have yet to learn your name or know you.

It’s your introduction piece or your way to cast a wide net to see where the nibbles are. Because it’s more promotional, it is HIGHLY recommended that (when you find where the nibbles are) you pair it with more relational, educational content that isn’t so you-focused.

To say this another way: cast the net with National Direct Mail, but then build on the nibbles by pairing it with a relationally-focused newsletter like Printer’s Press, Business Forum, or Coffee Break.

Are You Ready?

Is it time to expand your direct mail reach?

National Direct Mail is sure to hit the mark with your audience… wherever they might be! Learn more by downloading samples below.