3 Ways to Hire Employees That are “Just Right”

Times sure are changing, aren’t they?

A few years ago, I could post on any one of a half dozen websites for a job at my printing company, and I would be inundated with resumes.

Today, with record low unemployment, the task is much more difficult.

For me, this is especially trued when trying to hire good CSRs (Customer Service Representatives).

I need the “Goldilocks” of CSR’s, the one that is just right. After all, I don’t sell print, I sell happy. That means my CSRs have to be just…right.

How to Make it Easy on Yourself

Hiring employees today is harder than ever. Here are a few tips to help make it easier on you.

1)  Never wait until the last minute.

Change is going to happen, and it will be disastrous if you are not prepared. As a small business owner, having options is always beneficial.

Why aren’t you preparing? Remember, nothing lasts forever, including that longtime, loyal employee.

Start the hiring process today by researching and interviewing. Do not wait, even if you do not have an immediate need.  This effort needs to become your new normal.

2) Understand if you are hiring for attitude or aptitude.

There is a wide divide between those traits. Expertise will cost more, but attitude could pay way more dividends down the road.

Each job has its’ own structure and rules. Those parameters and formulas from a few years back are morphing into different skills and qualities today, so keep adjusting.

3)  Hiring someone can be a complex process.

For any business, hiring is a critical function. But if you are a small business, this person is going to be interacting with you every day.

So, don’t just settle.

Your new hires are your future. Never short change your company by always hiring the best.

To that end, we now have any new perspective employees take a personality test. This has proven to be invaluable. The nominal cost is worth it in the long run because…

We always want to hire the best!