New Ready-to-Print Direct Mail Content Available for Download Now!

It’s time to make your own marketing a priority!

Here’s a look at the latest content available to you now. From ready-to-print direct mail content to automatically published website content, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for: more print sales!

Business Forum

Connect with your business clients on a monthly basis with the power of print! You can (and should) be the example to your business customers on how they can connect with their own clientele, and the Business Forum newsletter is the perfect tool to help.

In the October issue, available for download now, you’ll find:

  • Tips for more engagement on social media like this one, “Stop talking at your audience and instead invite them into the conversation with compelling questions.”
  • A print feature on the importance of opening the lines of communication with comment cards
  • Tips to keep the ever-present digital presence under control
  • Workplace dos and don’ts for a healthy work environment
  • And more!

Get (and stay) connected with your audience with this stellar corporate newsletter.

Coffee Break

What if you could encourage smiles and sell more printing!

The Coffee Break is an 8.5 x 14 newsletter that features the fun needed to break up the heaviness that life sometimes brings. Filled with quirky jokes, quips, and a fact-a-day calendar, Coffee Break is the perfect addition to your marketing line-up.

Here are just a few samples to brighten your day:

  • Why didn’t the frog sit on the toadstool?
    Because there wasn’t mushroom.
  • What’s the leading cause of dry skin?


Ready to show the world what you got? Show them with FastStart!

This unique, product-of-the-month mailer highlights brochures and business cards in this month’s download, reminding your clients to market themselves the way they deserve and that you’re there to help them do just that! 

Like a handshake or a personal introduction, your print piece creates an unforgettable first impression.

Do your introductory marketing materials have that irresistible curb appeal?

Radiate confidence with attractive, memorable pieces that reflect the professional, original character of your business. Ask us how to get started today!”

Local Edge

Your print and local expertise is an incredible advantage that your print buyers should be taking advantage of!

The October issue of Local Edge, available for download now, highlights the affordability and connectedness that direct mail provides.

Tired of feeling like a blip in someone’s day? All too often in the digital world, you’re reduced to a scroll, a like, a comment. It’s time to break free from the clutter and make a personal connection with your prospects and customers through print.

Whether you need postcards, envelopes, self-mailers, or brochures, direct mail is an affordable way to make a lasting impression your audience can feel. For maximum impact, trust your message to your local print experts.

Make the local connection with the Local Edge postcard!

National Direct Mail

Stale marketing means lost sales.

This month’s National Direct Mail package encourages your print buyers to increase their bottom line and brand image with a fresh and bold new look.

Featured this month is a marketing refresh checklist for when is the right time to upgrade marketing materials, including:

  • Have the needs of your customers changed?
  • Does your marketing reflect the new products and services you offer?
  • Is your marketing beginning to look the same as your competitors?
  • Has the mission of your company changed?
  • Does your logo look old, making your company look out of touch or outdated?
  • Do you have a new target audience?
When you want to go far, go national! Enjoy accompanying social media and email marketing content, as well as no zip code restrictions.

Printer’s Press

This month’s ready-to-print download of Printer’s Press is filled to the brim with content that will help you drive sales and build relationships.

This top-rated four-page newsletter covers a variety of topics in the October issue, including:

  • Driving online results with Quick-Response codes
  • Using the power of print to reach customers and improve your bottom line
  • The benefits of purchasing travel insurance
  • Boosting happiness with ways to increase your body’s production of serotonin
  • Plus, trivia, top ten animal phobias, can you guess the year, and more!

Did you know that the Printer’s Press newsletter has been around since 1988? See for yourself why printers just like you have been using this valuable resource for over 30 years.

Ideas Collection

In our information-saturated generation, there are over 60 billion messages shared on digital platforms each day. The average person is exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 ads daily.

So, how do you stand out in a three-second world? You create a Hook Point.

A Hook Point is different than general branding. Instead, it’s the bait that lures people to bite (that is, to pay attention to what your brand offers), and it’s the topic of the latest Ideas Collection marketing tip, recently published on all websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers and through our WordPress Plugin.

Whatever your content needs – from subscription to custom – we’re here to help you succeed at selling more printing!