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Here's How It Works

1) Your corporate customer provides their print-buying employees with a link to the Private Label Website.

2) Those print-buying customers click the link, bringing them to the Private Label Website: a storefront powered by your website, but with all the comforts of their corporate site, including colors, branding, and logo.

3) They place an order never realizing they’ve left the corporation’s website. Next thing you know, an email notification shows up telling you about the new order.


Focus on Longevity with Private Label Websites

Did you know Private Label Websites are Your Secret Weapon for Repeat Print Business? A Private Label Website provides your corporate customers with the opportunity to order printing from a website that looks like an extension of their own. The orders they place flow right into your hands (just like any other order placed on your public website), but to the corporate print buyer, it feels like they’re ordering from their own, private printing department.

“I went from about twelve orders a month ten years ago to averaging 180-240 orders per month from online storefronts. Plus, 90% of the storefronts I’ve set up for customers have been used longer than eight years.”
– Gary Chmielewski, Northern Ohio Printing


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Private Label Website Pricing

$69 monthly*

(*Requires Order Forms (Public) and the Reorder Forms Library. Implementation fees may apply.)