Fall into Repeat Business with Direct Mail Content Made Easy

As fall preparations are underway, we have you covered with the perfect content packages to make your marketing life easier.

You can trust that these packages bring in results with the highest quality to make you look great.

National Direct Mail

It’s time for customers to redesign and revitalize their marketing resources, so how about a new look and a new message?

Your print buyers will read all about in the October issue of National Direct Mail, available now!

One of the best features of the National Direct Mail package is that you can send this stunning mailer anywhere in the country. No zip code restrictions! Download your package today with every file you need to create a successful direct mail campaign.

Printer’s Press

The greatest desire of all business owners and sales teams is to create customer loyalty.

How can your business customers ensure that loyalty?

One perfect way is to create a loyalty program and use loyalty cards. Remind your customers this month that they should never overlook the power of loyalty cards and even gift cards with this month’s Printer’s Press. Get your package today.

Business Forum

October’s Business Forum is ready for download. This month’s package includes articles to help businesses connect the dots of their marketing efforts. Building a multifaceted and robust marketing plan that ties both digital and print efforts together can be difficult, so make it easy with the tips found in this month’s newsletter.

The featured print product is custom printing and how every effort, event, or even sending out a bill, leads to a PR touchpoint. Everything counts, and nothing should be left to chance. Show them how you’ll be there to help with the Business Forum newsletter.

Coffee Break

Always filled with laughs, October’s Coffee Break is ready for download. Here’s a quick look at one of the funny’s you’ll find inside.

The other day I got carded at the pharmacy. While I was taking out my ID, my old Blockbuster card fell out onto the counter. The clerk shook his head and said, “Never mind,” and rang me up.


Don’t judge a book by its cover… but you know how important appearances actually are.

This month’s FastStart reminds customers that the look of their brochures and other assets must get reel in full attention.

Great design sells. If customers don’t have a beautifully designed asset, they are leaving sales on the table. People love to have an exquisitely designed brochure in their hands. Be sure to let your customers know that you have what they need to impress their clientele.

Local Edge

Incentives can be created in “Bootiful” designs with “Spooktacular” results!

This Halloween-themed mailer provides an important reminder for customers — that they need to think about how they can incentivize their customers to become repeat customers.

You can download this month’s Local Edge right now. It includes your own incentives for customers to take advantage of savings right now on your services.

Ideas Collection

The big idea of marketing is to narrow your focus to the smallest viable target.

Sometimes “Go big or go home” is not good advice. This month’s Ideas Collection content is meant to help customers succeed by getting to the ideal market segment, which may be narrower than they think.

Figuring out your true target audience can be tricky. Focus your product marketing on the audience that will actually buy, instead of keeping it wide open for the whole world. Success starts small. This month’s Ideas Collections tip gives your customers those little wins that will build to bigger triumphs in the future.

The Ideas Collection is available on every Base Website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, or purchase it separately as a plugin for your WordPress website.

Bringing it Together

If there is one truth to marketing, it is that ideas are always popping up and can sometimes take us off track.

The latest and greatest idea can be a distraction and can derail a solid plan. One thing you can count on is that using our resources for your plan always includes the latest and greatest. Truly.

We have you covered with current topics, great design, and content that you can trust to be on point and up to date. Contact us today to get started so that you can offer the most current content and design ideas to inspire your customers to keep coming back.