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Staying ahead is the key to success in any industry, and smart, well-thought-out marketing systems drive strong sales.

Want to build your brand and spark creative print ideas in your best clients? Consistent, inspiring content grabs attention, turning potential leads into repeat customers.

Ready to say yes to that? Here is the fresh, engaging content coming your way soon:

National Direct Mail

Sometimes people have a big mailing to send but no clue where to start. Enter National Direct Mail!

The May National Direct Mail package features “mailing made easy,” encouraging prospects to lean on you for pre-sorting, variable-data services, mailing lists, and more. Convenient, thorough, and hassle-free, remind people you’ve got them covered from start to finish.

New to National Direct Mail? The National Direct Mail package offers no zip code limitations, as well as multi-channel social media and e-mail marketing pieces to combine with your mailings. Expand your influence with the compelling coupons and gorgeous layouts in these clear, thoughtful designs.

Printer’s Press

It’s gardening season: time to get your hands dirty!

This May, the Printer’s Press newsletter features the benefits of digging in the dirt, articles about community connections, creative luggage storage options for traveling, and fun travel features and trivia. Just as your flowers need tending, so do business relationships. Inspire print sales as you highlight the benefits of consistent direct-mail marketing:

“If you are hoping to strengthen already-existing relationships, or even remind marginal customers that you appreciate their business while encouraging them to continue thinking of your company, a direct-mail plan is vital. Our printing firm specializes in helping you get your foot in the door to ensure strong customer relationships. Ask us what we can do for you!”

Business Forum

Ask any marketer to list their keys to a successful campaign, and brand recognition will appear near the top.

Business Forum, an eight-page, business-to-business newsletter, inspires business, life, and real print solutions, and this month is no exception! May’s newsletter offers smart articles on building competitive advantage, fostering imagination, and solidifying professional image.

From corporate stationery to printed invoices, statements, and envelopes, use this month’s offline marketing focus to remind them of the brand-building power of print!

Coffee Break

Want to be known as a solutions specialist?

Consistent print marketing builds goodwill with customers and keeps your name at the forefront. Coffee Break is a conversational, non-pushy piece that keeps your clients smiling with quips like these:

What do you call someone who can’t stick with a diet?

“A desserter.”

Did you hear about the drummer who gave his daughters the same names?

“Anna ONE, Anna TWO, Anna THREE, Anna FOUR!”


When it comes to influencing decisions, nothing can compete with face-to-face interactions.

Well-networked professionals consistently generate leads, receive referrals, and benefit from word-of-mouth marketing. FastStart, our product-of-the-month mailer, encourages your clients to magnetize appeal this month with impressive oversized displays.

From conference and trade show materials to oversized event exhibits, offer them your expertise in crafting exciting backdrops, gorgeous banners, and interactive displays. Your clients will love the imaginative ideas in this month’s mailer!

Local Edge

Nothing breathes life into a business like fresh, colorful designs. This month, help your customers get their business “blooming” with rich, creative labels and displays with a little help from the Local Edge direct mail package:

Print marketing brings a multi-sensory experience that is unmatched by other mediums, so go big and beautiful with products as rich as your imagination. From clever product-shaped labels to vivid point-of sale displays, set your brand apart with print marketing that is exciting and impactful.”

Ideas Collection

Preparing an InDesign project for print can be a daunting task, especially for those new to the program.

Print errors can be stressful, but as a partnership-minded printer, you can alleviate these problems before they arise.

Use this month’s tech tip, available through the Ideas Collection on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers (or through the Marketing Ideas For Printers WordPress Plugin), to guide clients to success with four frequently asked InDesign questions (including missing fonts, template options, broken/missing links, and image resolution).

When you save people time and stress, your credibility will skyrocket!

Values They Can Trust

A business is only as good as the values it embodies: hard work, reliability, dependability, and trust.

Use superb, thoughtful content from Marketing Ideas For Printers to show your print buyers the best of your values and the expertise you can bring.

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