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The Human to Human: How to Sell Your Brand Through Story

Would you like to set potential buyers at ease, creating the best possible experience so people are ready to purchase?

The latest white paper, available through the White Paper Content add-on provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, features keys for building a story-based connection. Brand stories bring a holistic portrait of who you are and the essence of why you exist. And that’s a powerful motivator for today’s consumer:

“Millennials are more likely than any other demographic to be brand loyal. But millennials don’t choose which brands to be loyal to at random, instead, they are highly attuned to the story a brand tells, as well as the values that brand exhibits. Generally, millennials choose to vote with their wallets for brands that tell inspiring stories, conduct business ethically, or contribute to their personal brands.” ~ Josh Ong, marketing and communications director at Cheetah Mobile, the #4 mobile app developer in the world

Printer’s Press

The March issue of Printer’s Press is available now! This month features articles on healthy smartphone use, a Lake of the Ozarks destination feature, and Land Rover’s clever “balloon in a box” direct mail event invitation.

There’s also a nice big dose of print as it highlights custom-printed labels (like business cards that “stick” around!) and tips for smart label placement, drawing attention to special deals or drawing eyes to crucial info within a printed piece.

Help your customers speed up sales or sharpen brand image with this energizing, direct-mail newsletter!

Business Forum

Did you know that a recent U.S. Postal Service survey showed that viewers engage paper ads longer, showing a more significant response and memory rate with these tangible printed pieces?

This month’s Business Forum coaches your customers on finding their three unique advantages and positioning these in print for maximum exposure. Make sure you are the print resource they love with this reminder:

“We’ll SPRINT when you say “Print!” We’ll make quick work of even your toughest job with fast, efficient, reliable printing.”

Coffee Break

Coffee Break ushers in laughs and new life, with “blooming” sales pieces and SENSE-sational quips like this:

“What did one eye say to the other eye?”
“Between you and me, something smells.”


Did you know experts project it takes seven contacts to penetrate a buyer’s conscience?

The March issue of FastStart highlights the importance of increasing the personal quality of your customer’s communication, cutting through the clutter with unique, memorable door hangers.

Printed words bring power, especially when they’re delivered to the right person at the right time. Help your clients attract attention with the creative shapes and precise delivery options door hangers bring when ordered through you!

Local Edge

The Small Business Association estimates small businesses make up over 99% of U.S. businesses, recirculating three times more money into their region than big-box counterparts.

The March Local Edge postcard highlights the face, flavor, and the undying economic engine businesses like yours bring to the local community.

This local diversity extends the vibrancy and character of Main Street America: “When you print locally, your generosity makes a measurable impact. Join the movement today!”

Ideas Collection

Does your print business care about the environment and want to leave a healthy planet for future generations?

This month’s Ideas Collection tip, added to every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, educates your customers on environmentally-friendly options to consider as they print with you, including sustainable ink and paper selections, and real-life examples packaging options that reduce waste or increase product longevity.

A Reputation They Can Count On

From sustainable solutions to stellar products, you have so much to offer your customers AND your community.

Do they know about all these advantages? Not if you don’t inform them!

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