Overcome the Giants With A Local Advantage

Exciting news! The February 2017 edition of Local Edge, our latest direct mail marketing system, is in production today. This month we focus on a simple truth:

Local printing yields results you can trust.

Local Edge helps overcome a huge advertising challenge – competing with big box printers and prioritizing a consistent, compelling message that penetrates your local community. Our very FIRST local edge subscriber says 85% of her customers are other local businesses, so she looks forward to this monthly community connection:

Local Edge appealed to us because it offers a marketing plan that is consistent and professional. It is a convenient way to market to local businesses . . . providing the ‘Top of Mind Awareness’ (TOMA) we need in today’s marketing climate.

–Terri Rawlins, B&B Express Printing, Inc.


This month’s Local Edge highlights the partnership of local printing, eliminating customer guesswork and maximizing creativity. Terri says she’s excited to accentuate her reputation with this heartfelt, conversational tone.

One of the biggest challenges we face today as a small to mid-size printer is finding ways to compete with online print services. We know our quality is superior, (as is) our personal customer service and our ability to problem solve customer’s files. We need to have a continued marketing message that states the advantages of buying local along with our company specific advantages. I believe Local Edge will do just that.

Buying Local is Worth Every Cent

When interviewing Terri about her decision to purchase Local Edge, here was her response to a few more of our questions:

Q: What obstacle may have prevented you from buying the Local Edge postcard?

An obstacle that would have prevented me was the ability to commit to the time involved in sending the postcard monthly. So many times in a small business you are concentrating on producing the printing projects for your customers. Your own marketing plans and projects get pushed back . . . That being said, the convenience of having the layout of the postcard complete and only having to customize a few sections and drop in our logo and information is huge!!!


Q: If you were to describe Local Edge in three words, what would they be?

Professional. Consistent. Convenient. If Local Edge is consistent with the other products offered by Marketing Ideas for Printers, I would highly recommend it to anyone considering purchasing this product. Any product that can provide a business with an edge on their competitors is a good thing.


Our February postcard assures your prospects and customers that local printing will surpass their expectations. Why wait? Get moving and gain that Local Edge today!

To get started with Local Edge, give us a call today at (701) 241-9204 or (800) 736-0688 or visit DirectMailForPrinters.com.