Top 10 Reasons Printers Choose Marketing Ideas for Printers

Are you searching for a game-changing boost for your printing business? Look no further!

At MI4P, we believe that remarkable partnerships begin with meaningful conversations. If you’re eager to expand your leads, increase profits, and sell more printing, our “Proven Process” is tailored just for you.

Join us on a journey towards greater success, backed by over 30 years of hands-on printing expertise and innovation. Your success is our mission!

Here are 10 reasons you and your print business should partner with MI4P.

1. A (No Pressure!) Plan for Your Print Business

Incredible partnerships begin with great conversations.

Curious about expanding leads or growing profits? During our “Proven Process” for helping you sell more printing, we’ll start with an unhurried conversation to learn who you are, your goals and challenges, and work on sharpening your marketing and technology to maximize your success. This personal consultation is convenient, flexible, and totally FREE.

2. Timely Print-Focused Content Updates

Want to build trust that converts casual print buyer relationships into tangible returns?

Content is one of the most effective ways to turn readers into customers, with companies that blog earning 67 percent more leads per month than brands that don’t.

From smart social media to customized direct mail, stay ahead of the curve with professional writing that’s on time and on point.

3. No Risk/No Obligation Print Website Trials

Building and maintaining a website takes time.

Did you know MI4P offers customizable websites – with continually updated content – for just $149 per month?

Each starter site includes built-in technical support, regular content updates, a “Samples Gallery,” web-to-print tools, and much more. Try a complimentary 30-day demo website or inquire today to view samples.

4. Custom Writing and Tailored Marketing Bundles.

There’s only one you!

Whether you’re enhancing your marketing presence or creating personalized pieces for your clients, our team will supply you with copywriting, graphics, email campaigns, social media, and more.

Professional, cost-effective, and current . . . mix and match to find the best content (and the perfect pricing!) for your needs.

You want it? You got it with Custom Marketing Services!

5. Free Technical Support

They don’t label us as “North Dakota Nice” for nothing.

Our support is not only free; it’s priceless! Whether you need a call, email, or a personalized consult, you can turn to us with confidence, knowing we’ll help you every step of the way.

6. Future-Focused Technology for Your Printing Company

To stay competitive in the print industry, today is the best day to invest in modern print technology and software.

Odyssey 2.0 is an intuitive software solution designed to help your print business make your website and orders, workflows, job progress, and automated marketing as efficient and profitable as possible. Calculate your savings or learn more here.

7. Add-Ons You’ll Love

Once you find what’s working, there’s always room to improve!

At MI4P, we’re happy to personalize anything to your preferences. Upgrade your content subscription or bundle your favorite features, including product marketing kits, website add-ons, custom marketing services, WordPress Plug-ins, or a “download of the month” for promoting your business and prompting new orders.

8. Stress Reduction (Save on Time and Brain Space!)

Every business could do more to stay top-of-mind with their customers, but this takes work!

If staying clever and current with your print customers sounds HARD (but words like fast and customizable sound GOOD), grab marketing or social media pieces for simple content that keeps you at the forefront of the printing industry.

9. 30 Years of Experience

When it comes to partnership, wouldn’t you prefer to work with someone who’s been where you are?

MI4P is about more than content. Our team has 30+ years of experience in hands-on printing, regional networking, and industry expertise. We’ve seen the professional printing experience dramatically change, and we’re pioneering some of its new possibilities. Here you’ll find committed partners and time-tested proficiency.

10. We’ll Help You Sell More Printing

No matter what challenges or needs you face, find customized solutions to help you gain ground today!

At MI4P, everything we do is created exclusively and uniquely for printers. We’re passionate about helping printers like you sell more printing by combining the best in marketing and technology. It’s an unbeatable combination that produces one consistent outcome – to HELP YOU SELL MORE PRINTING.