An MIS that’s
Remarkably Different

Experience the difference when your website is your MIS.

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A New Way to Do Print MIS

It doesn’t have to be the way it’s always been.

Here are just three of the benefits you receive when your website is your MIS!

Enjoy Easy Access and Login

A connection to the internet and a web browser is all you need! No server requirements and no operating system restrictions or limitations.

You Can Do Business Online, Where Your Customers Are

Your customers are online; your MIS should be too. When your Print MIS is online, you’re one BIG step closer to your customers when they’re ready to do business.

Experience Continuous Improvement

Because Odyssey™ is web-based, we’re able to provide a never-ending stream of continuous improvements.

An Unexpected MIS Experience

Odyssey™ doesn’t look like other Print MIS products because it isn’t like other Print MIS products.


Purposely simple and intuitive.

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Here's What You'll Find in Odyssey™

Search for anything and Odyssey ™ will find what you’re looking for.

When your human touch is needed, Odyssey™ lets you know with a simple alert bell.

Communication is efficient and easy when you manage the details of companies, branches, and contacts with the Contact Relationship Management (CRM) tool in Odyssey™.

Odyssey™ turns every event into a marketing opportunity with provided marketing content or easily customizable marketing campaigns.

Manage the machines, materials, and people that do the work of print production.

Keep track of tasks, people, resources, and timing with real-time updates.

Everything you need to build an estimate for even the most complex printing orders.

These order forms connect to the resources and schedules in Odyssey™, which means the instant your customer uses an order form, production is ready to occur!

Each order’s job ticket keeps track of all the resources, tasks, and time required to get the job done right. Available for both online and printable job tickets.

Odyssey™ manages both online orders initiated by your customer, and legacy orders (face-to-face, phone calls, emails, etc.) entered by you.

The accounting tools you’d expect: receivables, aging, statements, invoicing, and purchase orders, plus export to Quickbooks Online.

Manage those monster-sized files your customers send, and the proofs you send to your customers.

Easily create accounts for your whole team, so they can use Odyssey™ too.

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