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Experience the Difference. End the Double-Entry Dilemma

Are you stuck re-entering job order details into your print management information system (Print MIS)? Who wants to waste their time copying and pasting job details when you could be spending that time selling more printing? It’s time for a change!

Odyssey puts an end to the double-entry dilemma because the website IS the Print MIS.

An Integration that Saves You Time and Money

With Odyssey, everything that’s connected to your order form is connected to your production process the instant your customer presses the place an order button!

Start an estimate in Odyssey and it shows up in your website’s Control Center. Or, add an employee in your website’s Control Center and it instantly appears in Odyssey.

We’ll say it again… Say Goodbye to Double Entry!

Superior Estimating

Guarantee profitability from every job, manage your clients’ expectations, and deliver answers faster than you ever thought possible.

Optimized Order and Workflow Management

Weed out redundancies, skyrocket efficiency, and stop chasing down orders and start investing in your print business.

On-Point Scheduling

Take full control of your production capabilities. Minimize production costs, maximize your efficiency, and prioritize what matters most.

Worry-Free Accounting and Reporting

Get the precision and accuracy you need to build credibility, enhance your company’s reputation, and eliminate unnecessary mental burden.

Here's What You'll Find in Odyssey™

Quick Search

Search for anything and Odyssey ™ will find what you’re looking for.

Contact Management

Manage the details of companies, branches, and contacts with the Contact Relationship Management (CRM) tool in Odyssey™.

Instant Notifications

When your human touch is needed, Odyssey™ lets you know with a simple alert bell.

Top-of-Mind Marketing

Odyssey™ turns every event into a marketing opportunity with provided marketing content or easily customizable marketing campaigns.

Resource Management

Manage the machines, materials, and people that do the work of print production.

Real-Time Scheduling

Keep track of tasks, people, resources, and timing with real-time updates.

Connected Order Forms

These order forms connect to the resources and schedules in Odyssey™, which means the instant your customer uses an order form, production is ready to occur!

Trackable Job Tickets

Each order’s job ticket keeps track of all the resources, tasks, and time required to get the job done right. Available for both online and printable job tickets.

Custom Estimates

Everything you need to build an estimate for even the most complex printing orders.

Solid File Management

Manage those monster-sized files your customers send, and the proofs you send to your customers.

A Team Approach

Easily create accounts for your whole team, so they can use Odyssey™ too.

Order Handling

Odyssey™ manages both online orders initiated by your customer, and legacy orders (face-to-face, phone calls, emails, etc.) entered by you.

Accounting Tools

The accounting tools you’d expect: receivables, aging, statements, invoicing, and purchasing orders, plus export to Quickbooks Online.

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