Living on the Edge

When I was younger, I coined the phrase:

“If you ain’t living on the edge, you’ve got too much room!”

Now that I have matured a bit, I prefer a little more cushion or “wiggle room,” if you will.

But that being said, if I don’t stretch myself from time to time, I become inelastic… if that’s a word (my spellcheck didn’t put any wavy lines under it, so I am going with it being an actual word). When I’m inelastic, I become set in my ways, and rigor-mortis takes hold over the different aspects of my life.

The other day I was talking with an occupational therapist and inquiring about what they do exactly. The best I could gather, they help people stretch an injured (and then repaired) part of their body to build up strength in it again and make it more usable — the way it was created to be.

You can apply this simple wisdom of remaining stretchable in your personal and business life, as well as your physical life, in a lot of different ways, including:

  • Do something you haven’t done in a while or something new.
  • Purchase a little something for your significant other, just to say you love them.
  • Make a cold call to a new prospect.
  • Engage in a conversation with someone that does nothing remotely similar to you.
  • Do something new.
  • Think outside the box.
  • Stretch yourself. Build muscle.

It’s time you got a little closer to the edge and let that adrenaline stimulate your life. You and the world will be better for it.

Written by

Ralph Irwin

Owner, Irwin Printing Co., Inc.

Ralph Irwin owns and operates Irwin Printing in Republic, Missouri. Founded in 1974 by Ralph's father, Irwin Printing has continued to build a strong legacy through Ralph's dedication and passion for helping his customers and their businesses thrive. Ralph's legacy-building continues at home as well, as he and his wife, Gail, spend their time raising three teenagers.