The Content Marketing Path of Least Resistance

Sometimes moving along an easier path is just what you need.

The content in the marketing packages that you will find here have that goal as a top priority – make it easy to implement great marketing. The hardest decision you have to make is how many to print this month and who to distribute it to.

National Direct Mail

There is no better marketing tool than print.

You know it and your customers could use a reminder of this truth. This April issue of the National Direct Mail package (available for download now) is filled with the evidence customers need to feel great about their print marketing efforts.

When your customers are all across the country, there is no better package than National Direct Mail. Bring your print services to a national market with no zip code restrictions, great design, and an influential call to action.

Entice your customers with a few specific discounts (featured this month are colored flyers and business cards), plus a discount on folding or perforation for signing up for your newsletter.  Capture their imagination, their contact info, and their business when you get started with the National Direct Mail package today.

Printer’s Press

You’ll love Printer’s Press and here’s why. It is filled with:

  • Great ideas for your customers’ print projects, reminding them about products to reorder or encouraging them to try something new
  • Success tips and tricks for print
  • Fun and inspiring content your customers will look forward to!

This month’s download includes articles about getting great results with banners, the importance of having printed manuals that are organized and useful, how to get the most of manuals and NCR forms, and coupons for printing these types of projects. Throw in a recipe for chocolate pecan cookies, and this is the perfect package to keep your customers come back to do business with you!

Business Forum

This gem of a newsletter is packed with content perfect for the small business customers that you need to make your business thrive. Attracting these customers takes great marketing and the Business Forum monthly direct mail package meets that challenge.

This month’s issue of the Business Forum appeals to the do-it-yourself designer in all of your customers with great tips on print rules they should never break – ideally helping the project you receive have less blatant errors to fix.

The print product focus this month is mailing services, reminding customers that you will take their projects to the finish line with expert care.

Other content focuses on reducing or avoiding burnout, combating teen depression, steps to get to know your team better, tips for becoming a better communicator and much more. Get your package today and start attracting the customers you deserve.

Did you know? From now until April 30th, 2021, you can get Business Forum free for three months with any new purchase. Ask our team how you can get started today!

Coffee Break

This quick and simple mailer is always filled with entertaining quips and jokes. It is the perfect size for any campaign, reminding your customers that you are ready for their projects, big or small.

Here’s a little preview of the smiles coming your way in the latest issue available for download now:

Why did the bald man paint rabbits on his head?
Because from a distance they looked like hares!

“I don’t always go the extra mile…
But when I do, it’s because I missed my exit!”

Logical Fairy Tales

  • Goldilocks – The bears lock the door when they leave and Goldilocks can’t get in. The End.
  • The Three Little Pigs – The wolf eats all three pigs while they’re building their houses. The End.

This is just a short taste of the humor that is packed inside this month’s Coffee Break mailer. Simply download and print, and you’re on your way. Get your package today.


Do you like having a choice between using a postcard or a mailer? Then FastStart is the obvious choice.

With the flexibility that comes with this product, you are sure to have the perfect piece for your target customers each month.

The latest issue available now is focused on the stickiest of all items – labels, magnets, and stickers. There is no business that doesn’t need their brand to have the kind of staying power that these items provide. Use FastStart to grab their imagination and “stick” in their minds.

Local Edge

One advantage of keeping business local is that customers can work with people who can listen to them, in person or on the phone.

The month’s Local Edge direct mailer postcard reminds customers of the value you bring to their marketing project because of your ability to truly listen to their needs.

The perfect postcard for a quick campaign or to blanket an entire region of your market (EDDM options available), Local Edge is the perfect tool. Give customers an incentive to act now with a customizable coupon area that is pre-built with a focus on banners and signs.

The Ideas Collection – The Business of Rebranding

The most exciting thing for many businesses is rebranding.

A lot of hard work and decision-making goes into creating a new look, and sometimes, as you may have seen, the new logo misses the mark.

This month’s Ideas Collection is the advice customers need to hear before starting on the design process for a new logo.

Change is great for your customers; it means many marketing pieces need to be redesigned and printed, and guiding your customers through this process is the perfect content right now.

The Ideas Collection is always focused on project-forward content to move your customers to get their projects printed, expertly designed, and out to their customers for building their businesses strong and fast. Featured on every website from Marketing Ideas For Printers or available via WordPress plugin for your WordPress website, this monthly website content is sure to add value and help you sell more printing!

It’s Not a Secret

You know what works and what doesn’t. There’s no magic formula. Get your information into your customer’s hands; that’s how sales get made.

Let the expertly designed and curated content here help you grow your business. Doing what you tell your customers to do, leading by example with great print marketing pieces, is the best sales tool in your entire kit bag. You’ve got this, with a little help from your friends.