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Ready to add depth and vibrancy to your bottom line? Socrates once said that the secret of change is to focus all your energy not on “fighting the old” but on “building the new.”

Are you sowing seeds of sales through high-quality direct mail and digital marketing? As you motivate customers to sharpen up through print, here are some of the fresh messages you can build on through upcoming content selections:

National Direct Mail

Messages resonate when you put them in print!

The April National Direct Mail marketing package features tips on targeting customers, ideas for personalizing a message, and the tactile benefits of putting print in their hands. Get your clients excited about print marketing so they can stop chasing trends and start catching customers.

New to National Direct Mail? The National Direct Mail package offers no zip code limitations, as well as multi-channel social media and e-mail marketing pieces to combine with your mailings. When you want to expand your influence, go national!

Printer’s Press

Did you know that multitasking can decrease productivity by as much as 40%? Researchers believe multitasking is really just task-switching, which inhibits concentration and enhances stress.

The April Printer’s Press coaches your readers on working in “batches” and on helpful life tips like the benefits of olive oil, film and recipe favorites, and where to find inexpensive airfare. Printer’s Press keeps your professional capabilities at the forefront, so encourage creativity through this month’s feature on spectacular finishing options: 

“Finishing touches can turn an everyday document into a great document and can often mean the difference between reaching your audience and reaching the trash.”

Business Forum

Looking to track your customer care efforts more effectively? April’s newsletter offers key metrics to measure the quality and efficiency of your service.

Business Forum inspires business, life, and real print solutions, and this month is no exception. Your customers will enjoy a book review on Measure What Matters by John Doerr, pick up schedule management and time-saving tips, and learn four keys to leveraging direct mail more effectively. 

Coffee Break

Print marketing offers limitless impression potential. Use the April Coffee Break to strengthen your brand with April Fools pranks, goofy cartoons, and quick laughs like this:

Q: What’s the difference between a cranky two-year-old and a duckling?

A: One is a whiny toddler, and the other is a tiny waddler.

Coffee Break is a conversational, non-pushy piece. Sell yourself through upbeat content, calendar highlights, and hooks like this:

 “If your slogan is strong but your graphics are lacking, we specialize in bringing your message together. Let us help you look amazing in print!”


Are your clients looking for a bold, brilliant design? The April FastStart touts the benefits of lively envelopes, labels, and inserts:

“Like a well-coordinated wardrobe, cohesive mailings bring a sharp, sophisticated look. Distinguish yourself with bright custom labels, unique envelopes, or strategic inserts that make your mailings more effective. Personalize each package with a tailored template just for you: whether it’s a personalized event invitation or a timebound product promotion, we can help you find that eye-catching, original style. Indulge in a spring fling with fresh colors, custom sizing, or vivid, convincing coupons!”

Local Edge

When it comes to marketing, local printing offers a quality that is tailored to perfection.

This month, remind your customers that well-crafted print pieces will make every impression a good one with the Local Edge direct mail package:

“Want to get the right message in the right hands at the right time? Distinguish yourself with the pristine, personal feel of high-quality printing. Offer them quality they can feel, with sophisticated color matching, breathtaking photography, or gorgeous spot varnishing. From concept to final finishes, our team is ready to help, with years of experience and a can-do spirit.”

Ideas Collection: Proofreading Tips

Looking for a quick, streamlined method for improving the products you create?

Proofreading symbols offer a shorthand method for editing documents or images. This month’s design tip, available on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, details some of the most common proofreading symbols used for text editing and image correction. As you offer your clients this handy shortcut, your professional relationships will continue to grow.

Reliable as the Seasons

In business, you expect your vendors and partners to meet your deadlines with high-quality work. That’s precisely what you can expect with us. Count on Marketing Ideas For Printers for superb digital and direct mail content that builds connections and increases sales.

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