Seize Spring Momentum with Best-of-Class Marketing

Help your clients win at business and life while you position yourself as a competent, reliable business partner. Here’s a rundown of excellent content to motivate your customers this month:

Printer’s Press

Does spring fever have your heart pumping?

The May edition of Printer’s Press offers helpful articles on how to get ahead in work, family, and life. Featuring car care myths debunked, home remedies that actually work, and vacation destination highlights, this full-color newsletter is refreshing, contemporary and fun.

Tip your clients toward postcards with feature articles on incorporating postcard coupons, employing variable-data personalization, or tips on postage-saving oversized options. Encourage them to communicate their next big idea with the power and affordability of postcards!

Business Forum

Everyone wants to come out on top, and Business Forum motivates your customers to win in LIFE.

From personal to professional, the May edition features articles on maximizing family time as a busy entrepreneur, original options for one-of-a-kind brochures, tips for staying recharged while avoiding business burnout, and dos and don’ts when considering a side job.

The book review offers a peek at The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky, exploring the turbulence that happens between the launch of a great idea and the joy of the finish line. With honest advice and an appreciated vulnerability, Belsky tells it like it is:

“No extraordinary journey is linear. In reality, the middle is extraordinarily volatile—a continuous sequence of ups and downs, flush with uncertainty and struggle.”


Print is nothing if not fabulous.

Motivate your customers to go big this summer with top-notch banners, conference materials, and fun freebie gifts with the help of the FastStart direct mail package.

Help them win the crowd with stretch-fabric backgrounds, life-size cutouts, custom gift card sleeves, and more:

“From pull-up banners to fun feather flags, generate enthusiasm with displays that are relevant and engaging. Your exhibit embodies your brand, so refresh those outdated materials and bring a presentation you’re proud to display!”

Ideas Collection

Crafting the perfect design is like putting together a puzzle.

It starts with a simple concept or vision. But as ideas evolve, individual elements can get lost in the mix. This month’s Ideas Collection tech tip, added to every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, walks your clients through four steps for sending complete packages for commercial print.

From imported fonts and graphics to detailed export preset options, kiss print hassles goodbye as your customers learn to package perfect print-ready PDFs through Adobe InDesign.

Local Edge

What’s better than a local business that’s quick, creative, and convenient?

The May Local Edge postcard reminds your customers of the hidden gem they have while printing at home:

Want a look that’s fresh and flawless this spring? Expand your options with our full spectrum of print, pre-media development, and graphic design capabilities. As your local “quality connoisseur,” we provide you with greater flexibility, shorter lead times, and best-quality customer service. Close to home means accessible staff and quick delivery. Enjoy that creative advantage today!

Coffee Break

Who says marketing has to be boring?

The Coffee Break direct mailer helps you turn heads toward you as you bring smiles with “groaner” puns and word-plays like these:

  • Never cheat in a limbo content. It’s the lowest thing you can do.
  • A man who loved jokes decided to enter a pun contest put on by his local newspaper. He sent in ten puns in the hopes that at least one would win. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.

Always the Star

Ready to upstage the competition?

Remind your clients that print offers a spotlight that can’t just be clicked away. Our high-class marketing keeps your name in focus while demonstrating the magnitude of fabulous print products. Inspire them to easily win the fight for visibility and by putting their message in print.