The ABC’s of UnBeatable Local Printing

A is for Awesome

When they started working on an internet search engine in 1998, Stanford students Sergey Brin and Larry Page had no clue how enduring their influence would be.

Initially, Google struggled to generate revenue without compromising search results. Today, through creative ad placement and strategic purchases of companies like YouTube, Google has grown its footprint to nearly $600 billion!

Brin and Page attribute Google’s success to a willingness to risk (like the company’s current experimentation with drone deliveries) and to do the basics well. In 2015, Google formed a parent company called “Alphabet,” a nod toward a cleaner, more accountable company that stays highly focused even as it stretches innovation.

“We liked the name Alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity’s most important innovations,” said Page.

Each letter counts, and each decision does too. One of Alphabet’s goals is to “make Google even better through greater focus.”

B is for Blueprint

Every footprint starts with a great BLUEPRINT – a creative vision paired with the flexibility and elbow grease to make it happen. That’s where you come in! The August Local Edge, our direct mail postcard touting the local print advantage, reminds your clients of the unbeatable value your local printing brings. Here’s a preview:

“What sets a local printer apart from the rest? A commitment to YOU. We value your talent, your business, and the vitality you bring to this community. We’ll listen carefully to your goals and bring helpful coaching to ensure streamlined, no-hassle, superior production. Our steadfast integrity and years of experience? That’s a blueprint you can bank on!”

C is for Commitment

When they commit to your steadfast integrity and superior product knowledge, they get the experience that pays. Make them an offer with Local Edge today! Ready to give it a try? Download a no-obligation sample or contact us below.