Be the Content Leader You Know You Should Be

“If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship,
he would keep it in port forever.” – Thomas Aquinas

One of the most compelling quotes about leadership really exposes leadership as the risk-taking role that it is. Often times marketing is seen as a risk, but those of us in the industry know that it’s a bigger risk not to invest in marketing materials. Sometimes you have to be a content leader to show your customers that the risk is worth the reward.

In this Issue

This month the content package for the Business Forum direct mail newsletter includes a great article on creating a meaningful brand, along with showing customers that print really allows their customers to do what they all secretly want to do – unplug. There’s also a great Art of the Family article that showcases summer activities for the whole family that includes everything other than screen time.

The Working Together feature on how to deal with difficult personalities at work shows how understanding the quirks of one another will get you working better as a team. Also, don’t miss the write-up about how to get your whole team to buy into the larger company vision.

This month’s product focus is on business cards and networking cards. Now is a great time for customers to think about stocking up for the fall, and you’ll be just the printer they’ll call.

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