Market With Smile Power

How often does the marketing that arrives at your business bring a smile to your face?

A Smile That Makes the Rounds

Chances are, if your business is like most, the pile of daily mail gets sorted into piles that are passed on to their respective departments. It’s possible one piece of mail could travel through several hands before it reaches its ultimate destination. Now imagine if that piece of mail put a smile on the faces of everyone that held it and it had your company name on it!

Content For Keeps

Our Coffee Break newsletter was created to do just that. With its bright, bold colors and quick, witty humor, it’s sure to catch the eyes of everyone that touches it. And, because it offers more than someone can see with just a passing glance, it’s the kind of marketing piece that won’t just get passed off but will get passed around. With a unique calendar, clever cartoons, and just the right amount of advertisements, it’s the kind of marketing that is sure to keep your company name front and center in the minds of your customers.

Consistently mailing an upbeat piece of marketing is an essential part of maintaining a positive relationship with your customers. Coffee Break is the right newsletter to make sure that happens. To get started, download samples or contact us below.