Attract. Connect. Repeat.

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Sales. They’re crucial for today’s success and tomorrow’s stability. Flourishing business includes two important keys:

  1. Attracting Customers (Creating new sales)
  2. Connecting with Existing Clients (Generating repeat sales)

How seriously do you take these goals? Are you reaching the right people and capturing their attention? Or are you just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best?

Increase Orders with Suggestive Sales

At Marketing Ideas For Printers, our goal is to help you sell more printing with creative, compelling marketing tools. How often have you lost a sale because people don’t know what you have to offer? Our fully customizable content can help you generate interest, create desire, and communicate the quality of your company in a relevant, riveting way.

One way to bump up sales is through our FastStart “product-of-the-month” mailer. The December edition highlights printed booklets as a tasteful tool for expanded content options. Here’s a sample from this month’s mailer:

Breathe Easy: Custom Booklets Expand Your Creative Options

So much to say, so little SPACE. Lose the limitations with the increased page count printed booklets provide. From reference guides to reports, booklets increase readability and expand your creative options. Use them for pricing guides, DVD inserts, or even personal portfolios. We’ll ensure every booklet is precisely customized and properly bound for a user-friendly, durable result.

This December, remind your prospects and customers that a new year brings a fresh opportunity to shine. Whether it’s a sneak peek or a full product showcase, the booklets you produce can bring a concise, creative presentation of their work.

Ready to roll out results through the suggestive sales FastStart can offer? Call us today at (701) 241-9204 or (800) 736-0688 or click below to download a sample.