Increase Your Reader Response Today

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Who doesn’t love a good party? The transition from summer weddings to year-end holiday gatherings means many of us will be experiencing an extra dose of intentional hospitality. However, a party is only successful if people actually COME, and most people attend for one key reason — because they were invited!

Custom Envelopes Invite Them to “Come on In” and Experience More

The same principle is true in business. A mailing is only as effective as its response rate, and an envelope serves as a great invitation to experience more. The October edition of our FastStart direct mail flyer touts the benefits of custom envelopes, a simple tool that dramatically increases reader response. In a world of visual clutter, personalized envelopes serve as a soft introduction, inviting people to “come on in” and experience more of what your clients have to offer. Personalized envelopes entice people to dial into (and not discard!) the message your customers have carefully crafted.

A Crucial Component

How a message is delivered is on par with the content itself, and great mailings pack a punch! A 2015 Direct Marketing Association study found that direct mail response rates outperformed all digital channels combined by nearly 600%. Envelopes are a crucial component of successful communication, revealing the quality of the message and your customer’s value for their readers. The October FastStart encourages them to make a stellar expression with quality stock, dynamic messaging, and envelope designs that are as varied as their purpose.

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