Why Craftsmanship Matters

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Today’s generation is manifesting hunger for the authentic – whether it’s eating organic, supporting small business, or celebrating spectacular artistry. A desire for craftsmanship is at the forefront – an appreciation of the highest standards and those who’ve spent a lifetime cultivating them. Carhartt (clothing & outdoor gear) specifically termed the call to craftsmanship as a “rebuilding” of a nation, the “road home from a throwaway world.”

More Than (Just) Good Design

Craftsmanship is more than good design; it’s a wholehearted commitment to a tradition of excellence – to creative, enduring, breathtaking products. In a recent Harley-Davidson (motorcycles) commercial, it was phrased this way:

“What is the going rate for the work of the American craftsman? How much value does heritage add to technology? If every detail fits together perfectly, how much more is the whole worth (rather) than the sum of the parts? If riding gives you a feeling that’s impossible to explain, is it possible to calculate how much that’s worth? How do you measure the value of becoming part of something that is bigger than yourself?”

Craftsmanship is Alive and Well in Local Print 

The May edition of our Local Edge direct mail postcard commends this tradition! What does print craftsmanship look like? It begins with you, the printer, as an artist and creator, someone who is passionate, original, and committed to precise, flawless detail. Our latest postcard celebrates your proficiency and the high-quality printing that has been refined and perfected over the course of a career. Its products are presented with a pride that takes joy in a marvelously well-made item.

Our current mailing will remind your customers what heritage really looks like! Local printing offers patient, careful production, superior materials, fabulous customer care, and unique, inspiring design.

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