Get Those Big Corporate Clients With Private Label Websites

Have you ever tried to land that big corporate account, only to have your prospect ask if you can provide a private “storefront” website for their employees to buy from? Did you have to say “no” and lose the prospect? With Private Label Websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers, you can set up your clients for success by saying “yes” and win those big corporate contracts again and again!

Create the Perfect Purchasing Experience

By proactively creating Private Label Websites for your corporate customers, you provide their employees with all the convenient features of your website’s regular online storefront, except it’s customized to fit their own branding. Their employees get a purchasing experience that fits right in with the rest of their corporate intranet, and you get to enjoy the steady stream of sales that come along with those big accounts.

Our most successful printer customers use Private Label Websites as the “ace up their sleeve” to land their biggest prospects. Using our convenient set-up tools, they can build a custom-tailored Private Label Website in ten minutes, with no programming experience needed! They don’t just tell their prospects they can deliver–they show them!

Make Switching Not Worth It For Your Customers

Private Label Websites are also an excellent choice for customer retention. Because the Private Label Website is specifically created to match your corporate client’s branding (and every print-buying employee they have is encouraged to place their orders through the Private Label Website), it makes it far more difficult for that corporate client to walk away.  The costs of switching to another vendor, whether building a comparable solution or re-training their staff to use that new solution, rarely make a change worth it.

So, there you have it: lure in those big corporate clients and get them to stay, with a custom, branded, print-buying experience for their print-buyers. See a Private Label Website in action on one of our public demo sites or click below to learn more.