Calibrate Your Life to Finish Strong in 2017

The end of January is looming. For many people, that means that all the excitement of those fresh New Year’s resolutions is quickly fading, if not already forgotten. That’s okay. You can still finish the year strong with the Calibration Method, a surprising new approach to productivity developed by our very own Aaron Simmons. The Calibration Method is perfect for when you’re frustrated with your lack of progress on another year’s resolutions. According to Aaron,

The Calibration Method is the perfect tool for anybody that finds themselves in a rut and needs a way out, especially when they begin to fear there may not be a way out!

Instead of focusing on goals, the Calibration Method focuses on becoming the “Best Possible Version of You.” That is, if you were always to make the best use of your time, always live up to your potential, and end each day with no regrets, what would you be doing, and how would you think and act? That’s the best possible version of you!

With the best possible version of you defined, you then work through a simple, four-step daily cycle that trains you to become that person:

1. Review your definition of the best possible version of you, and edit as needed.

This step keeps you focused on your long game by reminding you every morning of the kind of person you’re trying to become. But it also gives you the flexibility to adjust that vision as you get older and wiser!

2. Prepare a to-do list that includes only what the best possible version of you would do today, and only what you believe you can actually complete today.

This limited list motivates you to focus all your efforts on getting it done, and its focus on the priorities of the best possible version of you ensures that you spend your day getting the right things done.

3. Pretend to be the best possible version of you throughout the day.

In other words, “fake it ’til you make it.” Like athletes improve through daily practice, you become more skilled at being the best possible version of you through daily practice. Each day you pretend to be the best possible version of you, the easier each day gets at actually becoming the best possible version of you.

4. Review your results at the end of the day, ideally through journaling.

Taking the time to review is the accountability portion of the Calibration Method. It’s an invaluable feedback loop that invites you to acknowledge the day’s little victories as well as recognize those times where you could have done better. It helps you keep your spirits up by celebrating your victories, and helps you stay aware of problem areas so that you’re prepared to win more victories tomorrow.

Combining “take it a day at a time” and “begin with the end in mind,” the Calibration Method has the power to supercharge 2017, and many years to come. For in-depth instructions of the Calibration Method, be sure to visit Aaron’s website here.