Sell More Printing: Cleaning up Spilled Coffee with a Subscription

Welcome back to another edition of Sell More Printing, where we explore real-world sales and marketing strategies that you, as a printer, can adapt to boost your business.

This month, we’re tackling a topic close to home – my own klutzy coffee mishap and how it can be adapted to create a recurring revenue stream for you. 

Cleaning up Spilled Coffee with a Subscription 

Picture my not-so-graceful departure on a recent family road trip.

My poorly secured cup of coffee led to an unfortunate spill on my iPhone. The panicked moments that followed, marked by a “Liquid Detected” warning, led me to an impromptu subscription to iCloud+. I hastily subscribed to iCloud+ before we drove away, and this subscription allowed me to back up my iPhone on the go. My hope? Salvage my data before the coffee-induced demise of my phone. 

How This Helps You Sell More Printing 

In my chaotic coffee episode, iCloud+ became my data lifeline.

That got me thinking, as a printer, you can consider something similar for your printing business – offering a File Storage subscription akin to iCloud+. Offering this service as a subscription not only secures your clients’ precious files but also provides a unique selling point. Imagine assuring your clients that even if they lose track of their digital files, you won’t. Their data is safe under your watchful eye.

By providing a file storage subscription, you can take responsibility for archiving all the digital files that pass through your company, offering peace of mind to print buyers who prefer not to manage this task on their own. 

A File Storage Subscription Service Can Boost Your Printing Sales 

To implement this idea successfully, consider the following: 

  1. Reliable File Storage Processes: Develop processes that can be followed by everyone on your team to ensure all digital files are archived for future retrieval, 100% of the time. Also, make sure your digital infrastructure can support error-free archiving and retrieval of those files. 
  2. File Retrieval Fees: For non-subscribers, think about charging a (premium) file retrieval fee. Subscribers, however, enjoy the convenience of no additional charge for file retrieval as it’s covered by their subscription. 
  3. Set Clear Parameters: Determine how long files will be available for retrieval. Whether it’s two years, five years, or indefinitely, communicate this clearly to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

Help your customers embrace reality – accidents happen. Spilled coffee almost got me, and it can get your customers, too! And so can any number of other “data disaster” incidents like mismanaged backups, hardware failure, and power outages that unexpectedly corrupt data. Regardless of the source of the threat to their files, your customers will gain confidence from a pro like you, knowing that their data is in your capable hands. 

Discussion: Join the Conversation 

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Thank you for joining us in exploring turning digital mishaps into business opportunities. Until next time, keep innovating and selling more printing! 


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