This Three-Letter Word Could Save Your Printing Business

I have kind of an odd question for you: Who’s the biggest jerk in your sphere of influence right now?

Does your mind immediately picture a recent bad-tempered customer or an unrelenting vendor? Or maybe it’s an employee, neighbor, or that “blast from your past” on social media?

As I pondered this question myself recently, I came to an eye-opening realization. The biggest jerk in my sphere of influence is ME!

Surprised? Trust me. I was too. But, let me explain how I came to that conclusion and some valuable things I learned, particularly one word that is changing everything.

Don’t You See What I See?

I’ve had a series of marketing consult calls lately with some printing business owners.

All of these conversations have included statements from incredible men and women that sounded similar to this:

  • “I know this marketing stuff is important, but I’m just not good at marketing.”
  • “I really see a need from my print buyers for _____, but we don’t sell _____.”
  • “We just put up a new website, but no one is coming to it.”

On each of these calls, I listened to these printers adamantly express what they weren’t good at, what they weren’t able to do, how they were falling short… it was like they had made up their minds NOT to succeed before we even got started.

On the flip side, during these same conversations, I was thinking things like, “What are you talking about? Aren’t you the same printing company that has been around for over 20 years successfully? You totally got this.”

I couldn’t figure out why these printers seemed to struggle so much to see the possibilities and opportunities ahead of them. I saw the brightness in their futures; why didn’t they?

But then one day, when I was berating myself for not being able to keep up with my husband on a hike, it all made sense to me.

As many of you already know… yes, I had brain surgery a year ago. Yes, I had an extensive and unexpected trial with COVID six months later, but that didn’t stop that voice in my head on our hike: “What’s your problem, Rachel? Shouldn’t you have gotten this under control by now? Your body is never going to recover. You’re always going to miss out, fall behind, not be able to keep up.”

On and on it went until the rational part of my brain finally stepped up and said to myself, “Stop! Why are you being such a jerk to yourself? Other people see your future and are cheering you on, so why do you keep expecting yourself not to succeed? Have a little patience. You’re just not there… YET.”

 And that was it. That one, three-letter word took root in my mind and began an incredible mindset shift in all aspects of my life.

The Power of Yet

You see, if you knew me, you’d know I’m not big on the whole “power of positive thinking” thing.

I don’t want to (only) think positive. I want to do positive. I get frustrated being told to “enjoy the journey” and to “just believe in myself.” Those phrases seem so abstract to me. I want to know how I can project manage this thing and get it done!

But “yet” is different.

It’s simpler somehow. “Yet” provides the much-needed hope for change, but it also acknowledges the process. “Yet” takes me from a fixed mindset and helps me magically open up to and welcome a growth mindset.

With such a welcomed change, how could I not share the power of “yet” with you all, my printer friends?

Changing Everything

I’ve found it’s best to use this secret weapon of “yet” whenever and wherever possible.

Use it on yourself. For me, this might look like, “Your body is not completely recovered… YET.” For you, it might look something like this,

  • “I know this marketing stuff is important, but I’m just not good at marketing… YET.”
  • “I really see a need from my print buyers for _____, but we don’t sell _____ … YET.”
  • “We just put up a new website, but no one is coming to it… YET.”

See what I mean? That one little word totally changes the frame of mind around those statements.

So, whatever you’re facing right now in your print business, when you’re tempted to say things like, “I can’t, I don’t, This doesn’t work, I’m not good at…,” have the courage instead to say YET!

Cheering you on!
– Rachel


Written by

Rachel Nies

Director of Marketing, Marketing Ideas For Printers

Rachel has a passion for helping others succeed. She doesn’t like the limelight but will do everything she can to help you get there. A born implementer with a love for content creation, editing, project management and administration, Rachel uses her unique abilities as the Director of Marketing at Marketing Ideas For Printers, helping printers across the country sell more printing through marketing content and online ordering solutions.