Increased Customer Retention For Printers Starts Here

Customer Retention For Printers, Marketing Ideas For Printers

Customer retention is the foundation of any business, including yours.

If you want your print business to thrive, it’s essential that you have the tools available to your customers to easily order from you again and again.

As the late American engineer, statistician, and business consultant William Edwards Deming once said,

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your product or service, and that bring friends with them.”

Are your print buyers boasting about ordering online with your company? If not, it’s time to consider tools that will propel you forward on your quest to instantly boost your customer retention.

Laying the Foundation for Retention

For printers, customer retention starts by finding ways to make yourself “sticky.”

For your print buyers, sticky means they have:

  • An easily accessible order history
  • A no-fuss way to quickly reorder what they’re looking for
  • Reduced decision making, not having to know all of the details because you (the printer) already have them stored with each product for reordering

Here are three tools available to you that will help you create just the kind of “stickiness” you’re looking for. Check out the webinar below!

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