New Content Alert: Get that 3D Look Without Breaking the Budget

Sometimes customers can struggle with ways to add sizzle to their marketing package and stay within their budget. Good thing they’ve got you as their printer!

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Our latest design tip, available on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, gets the conversation rolling:

Are your printed promotions falling a little flat? If so, it’s time to start thinking about how you can use three-dimensional space in your next promo piece. While creating a true 3D item may be far outside your budget, you can easily trick the eye into thinking that there’s additional depth even when you’re working in only two dimensions.

Here are some tips for leveraging three-dimensional space in your next print project.

Keep Your Designs From Falling Flat

The 3D design article offers several practical methods for creating a sense of depth without the cost or complexity of actual 3D printing. The first design option creates substance via illusion. For example, your team can create a 3D-like look through overlapping images or transparent elements that appear to “float” in front of another object. Another technique involves an active blur of motion, like the haze of headlights from a car moving away from you on the road. Since movement implies dimension, bleeding images off the page can create an authentic sense of both motion and depth.

A New Perspective

Help your clients create a stunning illusion of depth by introducing them to some of these options.

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