What to See At Print 17: DesignEdit 2

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This is what you’ve been waiting for! An online design tool that allows your website visitors to quickly produce designs worth printing, with no involvement from you!

DesignEdit Goes 2.0!

These days, customers have been conditioned to look for a quick and easy online shopping experience that they can do themselves. They expect speed, convenience, access to you 24/7/365, and beautiful design they had a hand in creating.

That’s why we have DesignEdit available for your website from Marketing Ideas For Printers!

DesignEdit offers your prospects and customers the ability to create ready-to-print online design projects starting with either a blank canvas or one of 20,000+ pre-built templates. From changing colors to cropping images, DesignEdit means quick and easy design for your customers and more profitable print jobs for you.

See What’s New

Many of you probably recognize the name DesignEdit. It’s been a feature available on websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers for quite a while now. But, now, it’s even better!

Here are the top three improvements you’ll see in the upgraded DesignEdit on display at Booth 351:

  1. An all-new editor that allows for increased flexibility and an easy, more enjoyable user experience.
  2. A broader range of 20,000+ ready-to-use templates that include a new and improved library of designs that are more relevant for your customers’ printing needs.
  3. No more per-template fees! The only time an extra charge would occur is if your customer selects an image from the library of professional stock images, and that charge is being waived for the rest of 2017!

It’s amazing how much technology can be presented in a web browser these days, and the new DesignEdit interface is a perfect example. Pop over to Booth 351 and see for yourself! Better yet, if you’re going to be at Print 17, let’s set up a time to visit!

If you can’t make it over, go to one of our public demo sites and imagine being a print-buying customer or prospect that uses the editor to create a brochure (or any number of other printed products).