Doodle Away!

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Do your customers like to doodle? Studies show that jotting notes or designs on paper can jog memory, sharpen focus, and help us grasp new concepts and refine creative ideas. As printers know, people still “think best” on paper, so remind your customers of this and get them engaged and thinking as they doodle on printed brochures!

Brochures Bring Them One Step Closer

The July 2017 FastStart mailer highlights the effectiveness of a well-printed brochure. Even when prospects have a favorable first impression of a company (or product), they often require multiple touchpoints to move from curiosity to commitment. Help your customers recognize that outstanding brochures fortify the reputation your customers have diligently crafted, bringing a no-nonsense message that their products are a sound, worthwhile investment.

Excellence Determines Effectiveness

Brochures are a natural bridge from people to products, enhancing face-to-face communication in an organized, professional manner. Get your customers attention and have them thinking about investing in high-quality brochures that instantly impress! FastStart challenges customers to put your creativity to work generating striking layouts, dramatic design, and a riveting final product. Leverage the power of a beautiful brochure and close the deal today.

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