Moving to Odyssey for Print MIS: If Not Now, When?

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Sometimes Odyssey prospects fall in love with Odyssey (our new Print MIS) when they see it, then second-guess their new-found affection by letting this thought rattle around in their brain:

What will I do with all my customer history and existing Print MIS data? I’d make the move if that were easier to deal with.

Respectfully, if you’re thinking that thought, then you do not see Odyssey’s true potential, and you might be acting lazy and a little selfish.

Don’t Be Selfish

Remember, your Print MIS isn’t about you; it’s about your customers. Which MIS solution is going to serve their needs best? A modern, cloud-based Print MIS that puts them on the same platform as you and your team, or a legacy MIS that puts a digital wall of separation between you and your customers?

Sure, it’s easier to stay with your current Print MIS, but is it better? If you think about what’s easiest for you without thinking about what’s best for your customers, selfishness is creeping in. Someday, maybe even today, you’ll be vulnerable to losing your customers to another printer that does see how a cloud-based Print MIS allows their customers to do business more efficiently. When that happens, it’ll be easiest for your customers to become their customers.

Don’t Be Lazy

Think ahead to next year. Will you still be saying this? “I sure wish I would have started with Odyssey last year. I sure wish I was using Odyssey.”

Don’t be lazy. Plan for next year by starting today. If you start with Odyssey now, you won’t need to ask that question next year. Your customer’s order history will already be in place for a year, and you’ll be building for the future!

An Honest Analysis

Ask yourself this: Do the benefits of planning a path for the future outweigh the risks of hanging on to the past? That answer may be different for everyone, but if your answer is “Yes!,” then it’s time for you to consider Odyssey.


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Dave Hultin
President, Marketing Ideas For Printers