You Get Unfair Attention with Odyssey

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I’ve been “going public” with a lot of the questions we get from prospects checking out Odyssey, our new Print MIS. Some of the questions can be presented almost verbatim. Other questions are more “question behind the question” type questions, like today’s question:

How can I get started with Odyssey without being overwhelmed?

Here’s the simple answer to the question behind the question:

By intentionally limiting Odyssey’s growth, we’ll be in a position to give an unfair amount of attention to the printers that use Odyssey day-to-day.

Limiting Growth for Maximum Impact

New software is exciting! But we get it; being on the front end of something brand new (like Odyssey) can be somewhat scary if you feel like you need to go it alone.

But you’re not alone! One of the very best ways we can remove your fear of the unknown is by ensuring you get all the attention you need when you need it most.

With Odyssey, by intentionally limiting the number of customers that we accept in the early days, we’ll be in a position to give Odyssey’s customers an unfair amount of attention. We’ll able to move very quickly to address the items that are the most essential to the success of customers using Odyssey.

Our Core Customers Need Attention Too

Limiting the number of new Odyssey customers is important to the success of Odyssey, but it’s also important to the success of the printers we’re already serving, too. We are honored to work with hundreds of printers that rely on the content and technology provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers.

Perhaps you’re one of them. (If so, thank you!) By limiting Odyssey’s (early) growth, we ensure that we use our team’s resources wisely. Limiting Odyssey’s growth means we can allocate resources both for the ongoing and future development of Odyssey and for the website and direct mail content and technology printers rely on today to sell more printing.

A Balanced Approach

These are exciting days for Odyssey! We’re in the perfect position to limit Odyssey’s growth to make sure early customers get an unfair amount of attention and to grow the customer base “just enough” to ensure Odyssey is A Print MIS for the Long Haul.

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Dave Hultin
President, Marketing Ideas For Printers