A Simple Message With Business-Building Potential

When people meet for the first time it’s not uncommon to hear, “So, what do you do?” The reply is often along the lines of, “I’m a (product manager, electrician, baker, ….).” or “I’m in (sales, marketing, IT, ….).” What’s wrong with that? Our latest white paper will show you and your customers how to stop leaving money on the table by creating a compelling, business-building “What do you do” phrase.

Lead the Way with One, Simple Phrase

This white paper leads your customers to create stronger, more consistent messaging in a number of areas, including some great ideas for printing this message. Help your client’s bottom line by showing them the importance of building this one simple phrase that their entire staff should be using.

Here’s a small piece of the white paper:

The people on the sales team aren’t the only people on staff who need to tell others what they do. By giving your employees this tool, you turn accountants into lead generators, developers into brand ambassadors, or receptionists into market developers.

Whether you are a company of one or have hundreds of employees, brand messaging is everything. “What do you do” must be more than an “I” statement. Turn your focus to your customers and only then will the person you’re talking to be able to see themselves in your customer’s shoes.

With this guide for developing an effective “What do you do” phrase, you can help your customers with more great advice on how to focus their message, and once again prove to your clients that you are an invaluable part of their success!

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