The Next Generation of Business Forum

A new issue of Business Forum, the February edition, will soon be ready. Newly redesigned and ready to make a strong impression, the sleek new Business Forum is designed with today’s business professional in mind.

Adding New to Tried and True

This issue features articles to help boost sales performance, increase customer retention, and provide a work-life balance with some great pieces on family and health including:

  • What Do You Do When Business is Slow?
  • Daddy-Daughter!
  • Delight Your Customers

Not to go unmentioned, the February Business Forum is also packed with some great regular features, including:

  • Did You Know?
  • Featured Print Product
  • Book Review: Sound Business by Julian Treasure

A New Approach to Business

Better than ever, the February issue of Business Forum not only offers a new look, but is also packed with longer form articles that go deeper, cover more current issues, give useful advice, and most importantly, remind customers of the limitless printing possibilities that you provide.

Show your clients that you understand their business needs, not just their printing needs. Become their partner by providing an excellent resource that is useful and always timely. Call us at (701) 241-9204 or (800) 736-0688 to get started, or click below to visit us online at to get your first issue of the new redesigned Business Forum today.