Help Your Customers Rebrand

You become even more valuable to your customers when they begin to see you as more than “just” a printer. Your knowledge doesn’t end at putting ink on paper; it continues way beyond that. For instance, you’re also an expert when it comes to helping your customers with their rebranding!

How do we know? Because we just added a new white paper to your website (if you’re using a site from Marketing Ideas For Printers, that is!) Here’s one brief quote from the white paper:

You may have been thinking about rebranding for a while now, wondering if it’s the right time, if it’s a sound investment, and perhaps, just how long it will take. With a great plan, great partners to help you, and enough brainstorming, rebranding really can be a painless process and a worthy investment.

Read the complete white paper here, on one of our public demo websites. Just think of all of those new print orders that will follow when your customers see you as the expert they can turn to when they’re ready to rebrand!