Our List of Greatest Treasures

Every Websites For Printers website comes equipped with a fun and useful web page called Our List of Greatest Treasures. It’s a handy page your customers can use as a launchpad for many helpful websites. Here’s a sample of the Greatest Treasures page for our customers in the United States, and we have a Canadian version, too.

Keeping the Content Fresh

One of the signs of an amateur website is outdated content. That’s why we regularly review the content we provide to make sure it’s current and relevant. The Greatest Treasures page is checked each and every month to make sure the links presented are valid. Along with that monthly link check, the “treasures” themselves come up for review every January to make sure they are still, indeed, valuable.

This year, we’re inviting you to be a part of the evaluation process. What treasures of your own would you like to add? What new links would you like to see added to that page? What would be helpful for your customers? Please send your suggestions our way by adding a comment below, or send a note to Rachel (our Content Manager) at Rachel@MarketingIdeasForPrinters.com.

We may not “pilfer” every suggestion you send, but we’ll sure explore everything you send our way to find the most notable treasures we can.